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Gordon Ramsay Brings the Heat in “Next Level Chef” Season 2


Gordon Ramsay is back, ready to take the culinary world by storm with his unmatched show, “Next Level Chef.” In this epic competition, aspiring chefs are put to the ultimate test, navigating through a towering three-story set with each floor boasting a unique and stunning kitchen.

From the glittering, top-floor kitchen with all the latest and greatest cooking tools, to the basement’s stripped-down minimal kitchen, and the middle kitchen with a balance of both, the ingredients match the environment. Gordon believes that the true measure of a great chef is not only their ability to create magic in the best of conditions, but their prowess in turning out scrumptious dishes even in the face of adversity. Get ready for a culinary journey like no other!

Kamahlai Stewart was eliminated on Next Level Chef Season 2 premiere

The stage was set as the culinary gurus of Next Level Chef took center stage. Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomed the eager contestants, who eagerly awaited their mentors’ arrival. The crowd roared with excitement as chefs Gordon, Nyesha, and Richard stepped forward to greet their protégés.

The first challenge of the competition was for the contestants to showcase their culinary prowess and bring their best dishes to the judges. Teams were randomly assigned to different levels of the kitchen, with Richard’s group ruling the top, Gordon’s crew taking the middle, and Nyesha’s lineup conquering the basement. With only 45 minutes to create their introductory dishes, the pressure was on.

As the elevator descended with the contestants’ dishes, each team had a mere 15 seconds to choose their ingredients. The top tier reigned supreme, picking first, while Nyesha and Richard’s teams had to make do with the scraps.

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Every competitor put their heart and soul into their dishes, and the judges went to each to learn their background and taste their creations. Some impressed, while others left the judges wanting more.

However, no one had a harder time than chef Gordon. His contestants struggled, with Vinny cutting his finger, Mark’s pan catching fire, and one even dropping his plate.

The judges tasted each dish and gave their critiques. In the end, Tucker, Nuri, and Matt were chosen as the immunity-pin winners, with Tucker wowing all three mentors and saving his team from elimination.

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In a nail-biting steak cook-off challenge, April and Kamahlai battled it out for the judges’ approval. In the end, Kamahlai was eliminated from the competition, leaving the remaining contestants to step up their game and bring their best culinary skills to the table.

Tune in to Next Level Chef every Thursday at 8 pm ET on Fox to see who will rise to the top and win the coveted title, cash prize, and one-year mentorship from all three judges. Get ready for a season filled with drama, great dishes, and the ultimate culinary showdown.

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“Next Level Chef” Season 2 is not for the faint of heart. With the intense competition, demanding challenges, and Chef Gordon Ramsay’s legendary critiques, this season is sure to bring the heat. Join the journey as aspiring chefs compete for the ultimate prize, and see who will rise to the top and become the next big name in the culinary world. So don’t miss a single episode and get ready for a season filled with drama, great dishes, and the ultimate culinary showdown.

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Frequently asked questions

Q.Will there be a season 2 of next chef?

Hosted by White House chef and U.S. Army master sergeant chef Andre Rush, “Kitchen Commando” will launch its first episode on Fox’s ad-supported streamer Tubi on Sunday, the same day that Season 2 of Ramsay’s “Next Level Chef” debuts on Fox after the Super Bowl.

Q.What is Next Level Chef PYET doing now?

In 2021, Pyet was named Top 25 best private chefs in Los Angeles by Entrepreneur Magazine. Her life’s work is dedicated to Indigenous Fusion Cuisine, where she combines the food of her heritage – both Native American and Mexican.

Q.Where can I watch Next Level Chef season 2?

Watch Next Level Chef Streaming Online. Hulu (Free Trial)
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