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Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled? What We Know So Far!


Candice Renoir is a well-liked French crime drama that chronicles the life and career of Candice Renoir, a police commander and single mother of four. After a decade away, she returns to her hometown of Sète.

Developed by Solen Roy-Pagenault, Robin Barataud, and Brigitte Peskine, the series has been broadcast on France 2 since 2013 and has garnered a dedicated global fan base. Acorn TV has released the show in Australia, Europe, and the US.

With 11 seasons already completed, the latest one concluded on November 1, 2023. Fans are eagerly anticipating news about a potential 12th season of Candice Renoir and what it might involve. Here’s everything we currently know about Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date and More.

What is the Expected Release Date of Candice Renoir Season 12?

Currently, there’s no official confirmation or announcement regarding Candice Renoir Season 12 from the creators or the network.

Yet, considering the series’ popularity, success, and its usual annual release pattern, there’s a strong likelihood that the show will be renewed for another season.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date

If this occurs, we can anticipate Candice Renoir Season 12 to debut in 2024, probably in April or May, following the pattern of previous seasons.

Cast & Characters of Candice Renoir Season 12

If Season 12 of Candice Renoir takes place, we can anticipate the return of the majority of the main cast members, unless significant changes occur in the storyline or the characters’ destinies. The primary cast consists of:

  • Ali Marhyar as Mehdi Badhou.
  • Yeelem Jappain as Valentine Atger
  • Olivier Cabassut as Armand Marquez
  • Christophe Ntakabanyura as Ismaël Ndongo
  • Nathalie Boutefeu as Sylvie Leclerc
  • Marie Vincent as Nathalie Delpech
  • Cécile Bois as Candice Renoir
  • Raphaël Lenglet as Antoine Dumas
  • Clara Antoons as Emma Renoir
  • Etienne Martinelli as Jules Renoir
  • Alexandre Ruscher as Léo Renoir
  • Paul Ruscher as Martin Renoir

In Season 12 of Candice Renoir, there might be new or familiar characters, depending on the storyline and the cases Candice and her team tackle.

What Can We Expect From the Plot of Candice Renoir Season 12?

The details of Candice Renoir Season 12’s plot remain undisclosed since the show hasn’t received an official renewal yet. However, viewers can anticipate the continuation of Candice’s narrative, encompassing both personal and professional challenges, alongside the investigation of new cases with her team.

The previous season concluded with a suspenseful moment, where Candice was shot by an unknown assailant, leaving her fate uncertain. Season 12 is likely to address the pivotal question of whether Candice survives the attack and unveil the identity of the perpetrator.

Candice Renoir Season 12 Release Date

Furthermore, the upcoming season is expected to explore the progression of Candice’s relationship with Antoine, following their confession of feelings in Season 11, which came after years of tension and hesitation.

In addition, viewers can look forward to delving deeper into Candice’s family dynamics, particularly with her growing children who are facing their own set of issues and dilemmas.

Official Trailer for Candice Renoir Season 12

A trailer for Candice Renoir Season 12 is not available since the show hasn’t been officially renewed. However, you can view the trailer for the previous season here to get an idea of the show’s themes, the cases Candice and her team handle, and the situations they face.

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Where to Watch Candice Renoir Season 12?

If there’s a Season 12 of Candice Renoir, it will probably be broadcast on France 2 in France, the show’s original network. However, for international viewers, there are alternative ways to watch it online.

Candice Renoir can be streamed on Acorn TV, the AcornTV Amazon Channel, or Spectrum On Demand. Additionally, the show is accessible on Disney+ in certain regions.

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IMDb Ratings of Candice Renoir

Candice Renoir holds a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb, garnered from 2,000 user reviews. It has received acclaim from both critics and viewers for its appealing mix of humor and drama, lifelike characters, and the picturesque setting in Sète.

The show earned recognition by winning the Best Series Award at the Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle in 2013.

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Final Words

Candice Renoir is an engaging French crime drama series centered around Candice Renoir, a police commander and mother of four, managing her personal and professional life in the sunny town of Sète.

With 11 seasons already aired, fans eagerly await news about a potential 12th season in 2024, anticipating the continuation of Candice’s story and the resolution of the mystery from the previous season’s finale—Candice’s shooting.

The show’s broad appeal lies in its blend of humor, drama, romance, and suspense, coupled with charming characters and the picturesque setting.

Candice Renoir is a show worth watching, and fans hope for more in the future. Additionally, you can explore our website for information on your favorite TV shows and series.

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