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Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date: Has It Been Renewed?


Wolf Like Me is a comedic drama series that explores the unconventional love story between Gary, a single dad, and Mary, a woman with a unique twist – she transforms into a wolf during the full moon.

The main characters, portrayed by Josh Gad and Isla Fisher, have received acclaim for their performances in this genre-blurring show that seamlessly combines humor and drama.

The second season of Wolf Like Me debuted on Peacock in October 2023, sparking curiosity among fans about Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date. Here’s what we currently know about the potential continuation of Wolf Like Me into Season 3.

Wolf Like Me Season 2 Ending Explained

In the second season of the comedy-drama series, Mary and Gary grapple with fresh obstacles while anticipating the arrival of their child, who may or may not inherit Mary’s lycanthropy.

Haunted by nightmares and anxieties about her baby’s destiny, Mary, and Gary, endeavor to create a secure basement for her lunar transformations. Their plans are thrown into disarray with the unexpected return of Anton, Mary’s former lover and professor, who harbors a sinister agenda as a fellow werewolf.

Anton, driven by a desire to exploit Mary and her baby for his lycanthropy research, kidnaps her on the night of the full moon when she’s scheduled to give birth. Spiriting her away to his clandestine outback lab equipped with a cage and monitoring device, he puts his plans into action.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date

Gary, harboring suspicions about Anton, trails him and attempts to rescue Mary. However, he falls into Anton’s clutches and finds himself confined in the cage alongside her. Anton, leaving them alone, hopes to witness the birth of the first werewolf-human hybrid.

However, Anton’s expectations unravel. Mary goes into labor and transforms into a wolf, prompting Gary to protect both her and himself from her feral instincts.

Though he successfully calms her and aids in the birth, he’s astonished to find the baby is also a wolf. Holding the infant wolf in his arms, Gary gazes at Mary with love and acceptance, while Anton, observing from a distance, is left stunned and disappointed.

The conclusion of Wolf Like Me Season 2 suggests that Mary and Gary share a resilient bond that transcends their differences and trials. They are ready to embrace their child, irrespective of its nature, and confront the challenges together.

This ending also introduces new inquiries about the baby’s future: Will it mature as a wolf or a human? Can it control its transformations? Will it be shielded from Anton and other potential threats? Answers to these questions may unfold in a potential third season of the show.

Expected Release Date of Wolf Like Me Season 3

Currently, Peacock has not formally confirmed the renewal of “Wolf Like Me” for a third season. Nevertheless, considering the show’s widespread popularity and positive reviews, there is a strong likelihood that it will receive approval in the near future.

Analyzing the show’s past release timeline, the initial season premiered in January 2022, while the second season was released in October 2023. If the series maintains a comparable pattern, it is reasonable to anticipate the release of “Wolf Like Me” Season 3 sometime between 2024 and 2025.

Cast: Who May Appear in Wolf Like Me Season 3?

If Season 3 of “Wolf Like Me” is officially announced, it’s likely that the majority of the main cast will make a return. This encompasses key actors like Josh Gad reprising his role as Gary, Isla Fisher as Mary, Mel Rodriguez portraying Gary’s close friend Yogi, Sia Trokenheim as Yogi’s wife Stevie, and Daisy Axon continuing as Gary’s daughter Bonnie.

Wolf Like Me Season 3 Release Date

Additionally, there might be fresh faces joining the cast, particularly considering the introduction of new characters in the second season, such as Anton, portrayed by Sam Neill, who plays Mary’s former professor and nemesis.

Plot of Wolf Like Me Season 3

The storyline of Season 3 in “Wolf Like Me” is anticipated to center on the fresh hurdle faced by Gary and Mary: raising a baby with werewolf traits. The previous season concluded with Mary giving birth to a child who is a mix of wolf and human, while Gary navigated encounters with the police probing the enigmatic occurrences in the outback.

In the upcoming season, viewers can expect an exploration of how the couple manages their newfound circumstances and endeavors to safeguard their secret from the world at large. Additionally, there might be further revelations about Mary’s history and increased threats posed by Anton and his malevolent intentions.

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Official Trailer for Wolf Like Me Season 3

As of now, Wolf Like Me Season 3 hasn’t received an official announcement, and thus, there is currently no available trailer.

If the show gets renewed, we can anticipate a trailer release a few months prior to the expected release date, likely in late 2024 or early 2025. In the meantime, you can view the trailer for the second season by clicking here.

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Where to Watch Wolf Like Me?

“Wolf Like Me” is a Peacock exclusive series, meaning it’s only accessible on the streaming platform. You can catch the initial two seasons of the series on Peacock by subscribing to a plan starting at $4.99 per month.

IMDb Rating of Wolf Like Me

Wolf Like Me has garnered praise from both critics and viewers, boasting a commendable IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10 from over 3,000 user reviews.

Widely acclaimed as one of the top comedy shows of 2023, it stands out as one of the most innovative and rejuvenating series available on Peacock.

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Final Words

While Season 3 of “Wolf Like Me” has not been officially confirmed, fans are optimistic about a renewal by Peacock. The comedy-drama has garnered praise from both critics and audiences due to its clever and unique concept, along with its delightful and skilled cast.

The upcoming season is anticipated to follow the continuing journey of Gary and Mary as they navigate the challenges of raising a werewolf baby while keeping their supernatural secret hidden. Expected to be released between 2024 and 2025, Wolf Like Me Season 3 will be accessible on Peacock.

Are you eagerly anticipating Wolf Like Me Season 3? Share your excitement in the comments below. Additionally, feel free to explore our website for more information on other shows.

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