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Will Smith “Totally Understands” if People Don’t Watch His New Movie After Oscars Slap: ‘i Would Absolutely Respect That’!

Following the controversy surrounding his 2022 Oscars slap, Will Smith has sent a warning to individuals who might be having second thoughts about attending his new movie.

The movie “Emancipation,” starring Will Smith as a slave named Peter who escapes a Louisiana plantation after nearly being killed, will be released in theatres on December 2.

The actor makes his first on-screen appearance in the film after receiving a 10-year attendance ban from the Academy Awards for slapping Chris Rock a few days later, on December 9, when it makes its Apple TV+ debut.
Journalist Kevin McCarthy questioned Smith about what he “would advise folks who say ‘I’m not ready or ‘it’s too soon” to watch the actor again in a recent interview with FOX 5’s “Good Day DC.”

If someone isn’t ready, he said, “I entirely understand that, and I would certainly respect that and allow them their space to not be ready.”

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Smith went on to say that his “deepest fear” is if his participation in the movie will harm the reputations of his partners and their prospects of receiving praise from Oscar voters for their work on the movie.

He praised director Antoine Fuqua, whose prior credits include “Training Day” (2001), “The Magnificent Seven” (2016), “The Equalizer” (2014), and its follow-up, “The Equalizer 2,” saying, “Antoine has done what I think is the greatest work of his career” (2018.)
Ben Foster, Charmaine Bingwa, Robert Richardson, Naomi Shohan, and Francine Jamison-Tanchuck were all mentioned by Smith in addition to his co-stars Ben Foster and Charmaine Bingwa.

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“My deepest desire is that my actions don’t penalize my colleagues,” he added, adding that the members of this team have produced some of their best work during their whole lives.

The actor continued by expressing his hope that viewers will pay attention to “the subject” and “the timeliness of the story,” rather than him.

“I’m hopeful the good that can be done will at the very least open people’s hearts to see, acknowledge, and support the wonderful artists in and surrounding this film,” the author said.

Smith has publicly apologized since the 2022 Oscars in March and claimed to have contacted Rock to express his regret, but the actor has nonetheless been under fire from a number of comedians and fans.

As the Release Date of His Upcoming Film Nears, Will Smith Expresses His “Deepest Concern.”

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Joe Pesci discusses the movie. The story follows Kevin McCallister a year after he had to fend off two robbers after being left home alone. The same thugs are following closely after him when he finds himself trapped in New York City. According to Pesci, he did act in a few of the film’s action sequences.

The sequence in which Kevin booby traps the house is one of the most enduring. “I did incur terrible burns to the top of my head during the scene where Harry’s hat is set on fire,” the Goodfellas actor claims. When asked if he would play the part again, the celebrated actor replies that it would be challenging to do so.

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Additionally, Will Smith claims he is aware that audiences might not be ready for him to appear on a large screen. The actor will play the lead role in his debut movie following his Oscars smack on Chris Rock. Following the incident, he issued a formal apology and was given a 10-year Oscars ban. When asked what advice he would give to those who aren’t ready to see him, he responds, “My team is my primary worry… My sincere goal is that my actions don’t harm my team because the members of this team have produced some of their best work throughout their whole lives.

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Additionally, Oprah Winfrey is being criticized by Howard Stern for flaunting her money on social media. The radio presenter remarked that he was taken aback by some of Winfrey’s images when he saw them in her Thanksgiving post. Oprah “is not at all embarrassed by her wealth…and somewhat lacks self-awareness, considering she frequently posts about her wealthy lifestyle despite people struggling out there in the real world,” Stern said on his show on Monday. Oprah is just showing you her life—she’s not showing off, his co-host Robin Quivers argued in response.

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