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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Have Settled Their Divorce!

According to court records filed on Tuesday, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have settled their divorce and postponed the trial that had been scheduled for next month.

The former couple and their lawyers submitted paperwork requesting the judge to approve the conditions they had reached, including Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, paying Kardashian $200,000 per month in child support.
According to the paperwork submitted to Los Angeles superior court, the two will share custody equally and neither will be required to assist the other financially.

At Kardashian’s request, the judge ended the two’s eight-year marriage in March by declaring them legally single. However, the judge left open the questions of property and child custody, which would be resolved at a trial that would begin on December 14.

The two are parents to four kids, whose ages vary from three to nine.

According to the settlement plan, Kardashian and Ye will equally split the costs of the children’s private security and private school, including college.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The deal also stipulated that they would each pay their own obligations. They kept their property largely separate and signed a prenuptial agreement.

The couple started dating in 2012, and in 2013, they welcomed their first kid. The couple wed on May 24, 2014, in an Italian wedding at a Renaissance-era stronghold in Florence. West proposed later that year using the huge screen of the vacant waterfront ballpark of the San Francisco Giants.

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When Kardashian initially filed for divorce in February 2021, the two seemed to be on the verge of an amicable separation with mutually agreed-upon conditions. Both parties remained silent about their breakup until early this year when Ye began criticizing Kardashian, she loved ones, and her ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson on social media. He also complained about being left out of their children’s birthday parties and other activities, as well as not being given the authority to make important parenting decisions.

Ye, who has dismissed two attorneys since filing for divorce, also made a number of procedural demands, including the ability to interrogate any new husband of Kardashian under oath. However, the judge, Steve Cochran, quickly rejected this request.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (1)

The agreement came just after a number of businesses severed relations with Ye due to his hateful and antisemitic remarks, which further damaged his already deteriorating public image.

A request for comment regarding the settlement was not immediately answered by his most recent attorney, Nicholas Salick.
It was Ye, a rap and fashion mogul, and Kardashian, a reality TV star, businesswoman, and influencer, who were married for the first time. One of the most widely watched celebrity marriages in recent decades was theirs.

After Losing $2 Billion Due to Controversy, is Kanye West Asking Kim Kardashian for Money?

Kanye West has reportedly asked his ex-wife Kim Kardashian for a billion-dollar compensation amid their child custody dispute as a way to avoid going bankrupt.

According to an insider, the rapper has turned to the inventor of Skims for financial support after big companies cut connections with him as a result of his offensive comments about Jews.

The Kardashian star is also prepared to “do everything it takes to defend herself and her family.” She wants full custody of her four children, North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm.”

Regarding the ongoing court battle between the former lovers, the insider stated that “all options are on the table for Kim at this point.”

The children are “being insulated as much as possible from all this turmoil, “While stating that Kim is taking care not to sully the children’s memory of their father, the insider noted.

“She really wants things to go away quietly. But Kanye needs to pull himself together, according to the insider.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (1)

But despite the continuous controversies, Ye continues to try to contact Kim, the insider said “Kanye makes repeated attempts to contact Kim and her family.

When he can’t get through, Kanye “sends numerous SMS from multiple numbers. He simply never relents, “”In his perspective, they’re all out to get him and he won’t stand for it,” the insider continued.

The Praise God singer’s actions are assisting Kim in their custody dispute, but she still wants him to receive assistance, the site reported.

In terms of money, the insider stated that Ye, who previously claimed to have lost $2 billion in a single day, is “quite aware that he may be knocking on her day at any minute.”

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“The likelihood of him bargaining for anything less than $1 billion is fairly remote. That’s how he operates, “noted the source.

Kim Kardashian has stepped up her protection at home, according to the insider, who also added that Kanye still has a tonne of strategies he might employ against her.

Because their legal visiting agreements are currently in disarray, the beauty mogul is concerned Ye will “show up announced anytime” and will therefore utilize a restraining order if necessary.

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