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President Trump still plans to move forward with plans to Nevada

Be it COVID or any other problem, what once decided by President Trump seems to be irreversible. Despite COVID 19 safeguards and protocols, President decides to carry on his campaign of Nevada. On the other hand, Republicans planed a protest On Thursday Night, for their amendment rights.

As stated by the Republican chairman Michael McDonald alleged -Democratic govt. Steve Sisolak for setting double standards regarding Republicans. The other protests staged have been taking place so far. The limit of 50 people has never been enforced there.

President Trump Changes in Plans

The Rallies were to be organized in airport hangars in Reno and Las Vegas. The changes commenced later. Chairman McDonald assured reporters in a meet that Trump will be in Nevada at the end of the weekend. Details of the campaign will assure further engagements of the USA President.

Chairman McDonald states further- Since the governor of the region has allowed for protests, their protest will be a peaceful one. They want their voices to be heard amid all this.

Amid COVID outbreak social distancing is one of the primary key to ensure the safety of citizens. With this respect, the White House itself introduced guidelines that stated 50 people gatherings. And Sisolak has 50 people gatherings both In and Out from the very start of May.

Trump criticized again for his decisions

A spokeswoman for State Democratic party (Madison Mundy)  again took a faceoff against President Trump and blamed him for his loose and irrelevant decisions and policies. She also says “Millions of Americans would have been alive if he would have taken the right decisions at the right time. But condition on the ground is severe”.

She says further- Trump and his allies are trying to turn a public health crisis into a partisan conflict. If he would have been able to provide good leadership and clear directions for the country, conditions would have never reached this pity.

Keith Schipper also joined in the conference call and stated to reporters-  The President’s love for Nevada But the details of the campaign were still kept a secret by him. Although on the claims made by Republicans and Its chairman, No reply has still come from the Governor of Nevada.

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