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Playstation 5 pre-orders, release date, price, new games

We all love to play video games. Especially young children love video games a lot. Moreover, in COVID-19 we all are obliged to stay home. Eventually, we all something entertaining to do at home. The video game is the best option. Video games keep us engaged. Surprisingly, now PlayStation 5 is coming into the market soon. Reportedly, Sony has announced the launch date as well as its price.

Playstation 5 official announcement

Apparently, Microsoft has made an official announcement. Microsoft highlighted its aggressive price policy. Adding to that, they also mention making the console more transparent than ever. Eventually, now Sony will come up with something mind-blowing.

Play Station 5 pre-orders, release date, price, new games

PS 5 details

Reportedly, the PS5 model uses the same custom processor with an integrated CPU. Adding to that, it uses GPU for high fidelity visuals. The icing on the cake, it will have 4K graphics and ray tracing support. Furthermore, this Playstation 5, will also have ultra-high-speed SSD with integrated I/O for lightning-fast loading. It’s not over. It also has many other features like 3D audio and Dual sense wireless controller.

Release date and price

Reportedly, Sony’s next-gen console will start from $399. Apparently, this new PS5 will be released on November 12. Firstly, it will release in the USA. In the rest of the world countries, it will release a week later. Get ready to get your PlayStation 5 soon.

Game’s and pre-orders

Reportedly, this new model will have lots of new games. God of War: Ragnarök, Final Fantasy 16, Hogwarts Legacy, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and PS5 exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is in the list. You can pre-order PS5 from Amazon. Sadly, one few existing consumers will get to place pre-order. It will be a first come first get basis. So, if you want to get the PlayStation 5 order as soon as possible.

Amidst the coronavirus, this new launch of PlayStation 5 will be very much beneficial. Apparently, it’s quite possible that the sale will be more. There is an ample number to fans to this game across the globe. Reportedly, they were waiting for this launch for a long time. But now the official announcement is being made. So go and grab your model. Play well and have fun!


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