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New updates in Adobe Lightroom has been rolled out

Technology has made our life and works away easier. Now Adobe has refurbished its lightroom and other CC apps.

Latest Adobe lightroom version

Last week Adobe has launched the Photoshop Camera app for android and iOS users. This app is free for both users.
Along with it, Adobe has also updated most several other applications like Camera Raw update, Photoshop Raw update, and Lightroom Update.

Adobe Lightroom has made out to version 3.0 for adobe lightroom CC.

Features of latest Adobe lightroom version.

Lightroom classic has also received some dominant updates.
The biggest update that Adobe has received is “Local hue feature”
It is a feature in which Hue controls the local adjustment.
This feature will also help us to
• Clean up the skin tone
• Change colors of the picture
• Swap out entire colors in specific parts of your image.

Adobe has also added the Central Crop Overlay feature which helps us in cropping pictures in a more smooth manner.

Adobe Lightroom has also added several other fantastic features also, it included improving the performance of library grid, collection search, filtering and scribbling develop slides.key points

Key points of Adobe lightroom version

Adobe Lightroom has many plus points like: –
1. CC is simpler to use in Adobe2. It is designed for mobile devices
3. It relies on target on cloud storage
4. Adobe lightroom desktop users can easily export photos to DNG files
5. It also supports mee cameras and lenses.

Adobe lightroom advanced features

The latest version of adobe lightroom has an advanced photo-sharing system, we can share group albums. Group album allows us to invite several other people and collect everyone’s photos in one place.

The new advanced feature helps us to finesse each detail of our picture, crop edit any portion of the picture separately.

Adobe Lightroom has got a smart organization of photos. Adobe makes the finding of pictures easier. All we have to do is type the name, the thing on the search bar whether its someone’s name or anything like water, fire. etc


This app is available on the play store for both android and iOS users. It has advanced its feature in every corner, which will make our photo editing easier and finer. The people who are a fan of photography will surely get a lot of benefit from this app.







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