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Mexico will celebrate independence celebration, amid pandemic

The COVID Pandemic has led our world to a new order. All the traditional celebrations have turned to online. And now Mexico joins the hands, in this order. Mexico and its citizens are going to celebrate their Independence Day so on. But this time it is, special. No grand celebrations, no huge crowd. Mexico has turned to celebrate the day online. This will happen for the first time in the history of 153 years of Mexican history.

The decision has been taken amid ongoing severe COVID pandemic in the world.

The COVID Pandemic has led our world to a new order. All the traditional celebrations have turned to online. And now Mexico joins the hands, in this order.

Traditional Ceremonies are in

Every year the President of Mexico rings the bells that marked the call to the arms during 1810-1821 from Spanish Rulers. And later they shout as”Viva Mexico”.This shouting is known as “GRITO”.

The celebration is observed to start from a day before. And this has been continued from more than a century so far. In present also the traditions are carried by the people of Mexico. The Independence Day of Mexico although falls on 16 th September. The event is running in continuation since 1847 and has never been canceled since back then. In that year also, it has never been canceled although the USA-Mexican war was going on, but the ceremonies were held still.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador promised to the validation of GRITO, but in the presence of a limited number of the guests.

Although the president is seen wearing no masks and being in huge crowds. But the precautionary steps are taken to abide by the rules a Mexico is a fourth largest country severely affected with COVID. Mexico has reported 668,000 cases and almost 71,000 deaths. And that is a huge number.

The ceremony is although planned to be aired on national television. So that every Mexican citizen can participate in it. A torch of Hope remembering the one who lost their lives in Pandemic will also be lit. This ceremony is going to be organized in Mexico City’s main square, known as the Zocalo.

Alejandro Murat stated -“The most patriotic thing to be done now, is to sit back at homes and stay safe.Because this is the need of the time.”

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