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First presidential debate : Joe Biden shows up’ and performs, Bret Baier said

The USA is a big modern country. Basically, it is a developed country. Moreover, it needs exceptional administration to run the country. Currently, President Donald Trump is in charge of the country. However, this year’s presidential elections will be held. Basically, each candidate Is trying hard to win. Reportedly, the first presidential debate will happen Tuesday.

To see trump and Biden debating

US first Presidential debate

US elections 2020 debate is all set to go. President Donald Trump and Joe Biden will stand against each other. Moreover, a lot of fireworks are expecting. As we all are aware of Trump’s speeches, he won’t stop. On the other hand, Joe Biden has not left any page unturned. Biden constantly speaks on Trump’s Failing leadership. Altogether, both know each other weaknesses. So, they will attack each other constantly.

Bret Baier says on the debate

However, the debate is very interesting.
Reportedly, Bret Baier is predicting, Debate will be awesome. Baier is the Fox News chief political anchor. Adding to that, he is the host of “Special Reports”. Moreover, Baier is saying to the host Neil Cavuto in, “Your World” show. Eventually, both party knows the first 30 minutes are crucial. Reportedly, most people will watch the debate in the first 30 minutes. So, it is crucial for both parties. Isn’t it amazing to see this?

White House Secretary statement

Apparently, Kayleigh McEnany was giving a statement on the previous Tuesday. Reportedly, she is the White House Press Secretary. She told,” American Newsroom” that Trump is looking forward to the debate. Basically, Trump is ready to “jousting back and forth”, with Biden. Reportedly, the debate will be held in Cleveland.

Apparently, Trump was always attacking Biden, regarding his Mental Health. Moreover, Biden is observing that Trump is changing his outlook. Reportedly, Trump has become a way more democratic. He is talking about equality, discrimination a lot. Which is quite different.
Let’s see what will happen in the Presidential Debate. Moreover,  both the candidates will come prepared. And both will throw shades on each other. Basically, US citizens will see the debate. In the end, it’s all in the people’s hands. Hopefully, they will choose the right leader for their country.


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