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Bill Russell article, calling for more Americans to speak out against racism

Bill Russell, In addition to this, he wrote an article titled ” Racism is not a historical footnote”. The increasing racial discrimination needs to be abolished.

Bill Russell: Prior information

William Felton Russell is an American. He is a former professional basketball player. Moreover, he had also played for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association. Russell has contributed 13 years to the team i.e from 1956 to 1969. The 86 year old is also known as ‘ Celtics Legend’.

The on-going movement

Racism proves to be a threat to the entire mankind. The majestic Nelson Mandela also fought vigorously against the apartheid. We are in 2020 and still, this toxic mentality continues to rule the minds of few. Recently, a brutal incident happened with an African-American man George Floyd. This gave rise to a massive movement. Black lives matter is a prominent slogan nowadays.

The brutality continues

In addition to this, again an African man became the prey to white brutality. Jacob Blake was shot seven times in his back by a white policeman. This led to his lower waist area being completely paralyzed. Moreover, these innocent men had to suffer just because of their complexion and race. This throws light on the sick and backward mindset of a few whites.

Racism is not a historical footnote

As a result of these increasing barbaric crimes, the Celtics legend wrote a piece. He pens “Racism is not a historical footnote” as an effort to call more Americans to raise their voice against injustice. Bill Russell has urged the former athletes and fellow Americans to come up and show their support in abundance.

A collective approach is essential

In fact, once Martin Luther King Jr said, ” Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Blacks are facing immense cruelty in every corner of the world. This prevalent racial injustice needs to be abolished completely. A collective approach is needed to counter this toxicity. Also, to safeguard humanity from this absurd behavior.

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