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Jackie Ormes the First African American Woman Cartoonist to be Honored by Google Doodle

Google Doodle Honors the Celebrated African American Cartoonist- Jackie Ormes. 

Today, Google celebrates the 75th anniversary of the first ever published edition of comic strip Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger to honor the life of its creator Jackie Ormes the First Black Woman Cartoonist through Google-Doodle.

On August 1,1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the renowned cartoonist Jackie Ormes was born Zelda Mavin Jackson. She was a self-taught person who learnt to draw at every young age who exhibited her skills with a page of cartoon in the yearbook of her high school. Having completed her graduation, she stepped into the world of media as a proofreader and independent reporter for the nationwide circulated Black newspaper the Pittsburgh Courier.

“Torchy Brown in Dixie to Harlem” was Ormes’ first comic strip which was first published in the year 1937 by the Courier. This comic strip was the reflection of the serious struggles of people migrating from the south to the north to get away from the racism and to find better opportunities. Ormes’ pioneering career carried on with “Candy” and “Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger” which is her longest running work.

“Patty-Jo ‘n’ Ginger” were introduced to the world in the year 1945 on this day, September 1, were Ginger was the smart and modern girl and her sister was the serious 6 year old child. Today’s Google Doodle showcases the life of the pioneer cartoonist Jackie Ormes. The inspiring works of Ormes portrays her knack for uplifting the life Black Women who were always suppressed during her time. She heroes all her female protagonists by characterizing them as independent, smart, confident, intelligent, charming and courageous who experienced real life issues like romantic heartbreak, environmental justice and gender equality resembling the issues Ormes personally went through. The characters always who followed through the adversity they faced to reach the next chapter of life.

Ormes stepped down from the world of Media on the year 1956 but she kept her word to advocate and lead her community for the rest of her life.

The National Association of Black Journalists’ Hall of Fame in 2014 and the Will Eisner Comic Industry Hall of Fame in 2018 recognised the accomplishment of Jackie Ormes although after her death.

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