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Seis Manos season 2


Brad Graeber and lvaro Rodrguez produced the adult cartoon streaming television series Seis Manos (Six Hands).

Review: Season 1

Despite not being heavily dependent on its wacky events, Seis Manos Season 1 is well-paced.


The second season’s source material is no longer available, and the new season’s source material is no longer required.

Release Date

Even though it has been over a year and a half, the creators have yet to say whether or not this one will be revived.


The greatest way to enjoy vengeance is cold. On the other hand, Seis Manos might be able to refute this assertion.

Is Seis Manos an anime?

The Seis Manos anime series is very brilliant since it successfully combines the best elements of all those different genres.

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