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Travis Scott gets new McDonald’s menu meal, Cactus Jack x ,collaboration

One of the biggest fast-food companies, McDonald’s, is coming up with a celebrity collaboration after nearly 30 years! After collaborating with Michael Jordan in 1992, this billion-dollar company is all set to release yet another celebrity-based meal, but for a limited amount of time.

Cactus Jack x McDonald’s

McDonald’s has decided to team up with the Grammy-award winning rapper Travis Scott, via a new partnership with his Cactus Jack music label. From September 8th to October 4th, McDonald’s will be adding the Travis Scott meal to its menu. It will be available to order in-restaurant, to carry-out, at the Drive-Thru, and with the McDonald’s app.This meal, costing $6 will include the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, bacon, and lettuce, medium fries with BBQ Sauce, and Sprite.

“Everyone has a favorite meal, no matter who you are,” said McDonald’s U.S. Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Flatley. “Travis is a true McDonald’s fan having grown up visiting our restaurants in Houston, not to mention one of the biggest musical acts and cultural icons in the world.”

Controversies surrounding the partnership

The collaboration between McDonald’s and Travis Scott has raised some concerns among other franchisees. The most common concern is that this partnership is derailing the company from its family-friendly tone. According to Flatley, many other franchisees and employees were excited about this deal. McDonald’s, being such a huge chain, is bound to have differences in opinion. She further admitted that the Scott partnership is the key to remaining relevant and winning over younger customers, as people under the age of 34 are becoming more and more challenging for brands to reach.

What will happen to the profits gained from this collaboration?

Scott and McDonald’s announced that they are planning to explore opportunities to support charitable organizations during the month-long program. “I couldn’t be more excited to bring the Cactus Jack x McDonald’s collaboration to life,” Scott said during the press release. “We are bringing together two iconic worlds. Including a charitable component was key for me, and I can’t wait for people to see what we have in store.”

McDonald’s also announced that Scott’s label Cactus Jack, designed custom t-shirts for the employees to wear during the promotion. The announcement of the collaboration was made via McDonald’s twitter handle which was later retweeted and confirmed by Travis Scott.

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