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Shark’s Fatal Attack on Gold Coast Australia, surfer dead

Shark’s Fatal Attack, an Australian citizen Nick Slater, 46, was fatally attacked by a shark on Queensland’s Gold Coast, labeling the first deadly attack at the tourist city’s beaches in over 60 years. Nick Slater, 46, a local real estate agent, had been surfing next to Snapper Rocks point, which hosted a World Surf League competition in March, was at Greenmount Beach at Coolangatta, a widely-known surf spot, when a shark mangled his leg on Tuesday. He was found floating in shallow water beside his board where nearby surfers found him. He died on the spot in spite of being rushed immediately to shore.

Authorities search for the shark

The shark, reported to be a great white of 3-meter length, is being searched by authorities on Wednesday using jet ski and helicopter in an area of 18km (11-mile) section of beaches which now has been closed for the public. According to city mayor Tom Tate that the beach would be reopened once the shark has been tracked by the authorities and is confirmed that it is not in the area of the public. Adding to his statement that the authorities were investigating the event, he further said that it was the first shark death at a Gold Coast beach since 1958. The area is currently protected by nets.

What does the Eye Witness say?

It was reported by an eye witness that the upper leg across Mr. Slater’s body has bitten by the shark and “it was pretty much all taken”. Jade Parker, a surfer who provided help to Mr. Slater said that there was a prominent large bite mark of the shark on Mr. Slater’s board. He assumed that the bite mark of the shark was similar to the circumference of the basketball and there was a tooth still lodged in the fiberglass which he had to remove himself.

Increasing Amount of Shark Attack in Gold Coast Of Australia

In 2003, the Gold Coast of Australia witnessed a similar incident that happened in the inland that is joined to the sea. Mr. Slater’s death is the sixth fatal attack by a shark in Australia this year, with most occurring along the country’s east coast. In June, two surfers were fatally attacked in separate incidents off nearby northern New South Wales.

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