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Niagara Square Protester Injured, Struck By Pickup Truck

In Buffalo, New York a pickup truck slams right through a group of protestors in Niagara Square. Hitting a protestor and injuring him on Wednesday evening. A video captures the moment, where a truck strikes the protestor riding on a bicycle. The incident happens where a group of protestors surrounds a white car between City Hall and the McKinley Monument. The video showcases how the pickup vehicle speeds off harrowing through the crowd to hit.

A video streaming live by a witness covers the scene. The witness admits he heard a car striking someone, but no one with injury is visible. Only seconds later to his saying, a pickup vehicle charges towards the crowd. A loud sound comes and the truck goes rushing out of the crowd. The victim was locomoted in a hospital with no severe injuries.

A loud sound comes and the truck goes rushing out of the crowd. A witness in video accessing says so one person was just hit. The slam isn’t quite visible in the video. Several people rush after truck to catch hold of the driver. Later, successfully a group of people stops the truck near the police and fire headquarters building on Court Street

Protester Injured When Struck By Pickup Truck In Niagara Square

Protest happens in light of BLM Justice

Two protestors claim the driver to be the same woman shouting at protestors prior. Chelsea a protestor feels it as a plan. Amyn another protestor adds for the driver “She ran over one of our people”. Niagara Square witnesses plenty of protests since May in the events of George Floyd’s death.

 Buffalo police have taken the matter in their hands and the driver is in the custody. The protest in Buffalo brings to light a Kentucky Grand Jury bringing no case against Louisville police for Breyonna Taylor’s merciless death.  The police indices one former police on grounds of “wanton endangerment”. However, two other officers involved in the raid receive no outcome. The no-charge against those two officers sparks protests in the city.

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