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Michael Cohen ties Falwell Jr’s backing Trump with Suppression of Photos

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, and fixer asserted in his new book “Disloyal: The Memoir,” that former Liberty University President endorsement of Trump was related to Cohen suppressing well-defined photos of Falwell. Last year comedian Tom Arnold made a recording public where Cohen said that Falwells had asked for his help to keep “a bunch of photographs, personal photographs” for getting publicly released. Cohen added in the recording that he indeed has one of the photographs and that it is terrible.

Falwell backing Trump

Michael Cohen did not specifically state Falwell Jr backing Trump in return but wrote that at the right time he would use this as a favor not for him but for “the Boss” at a crucial period of time on his way to the presidency. In the 2016 Falwell was an important ministerial backing for Trump that same year, Republican presidential initial Senator. Representing Texas, Ted Cruz ran for the presidency that very year, planned his campaign focusing on the statistics at the time. Falwell’s backing and other vital people have majorly been recognized since victory over white ministerial for Trump.

Michael Cohen might call in for favors

In Michael Cohen’s book, we see how he speaks of his relationship with the Falwells which goes back to 2011. Cohen describes them as close friends and believes that they are more like family to him though the wire service notes say that the book describes their relationship as debatable. He describes an incident where he acquired tickets for a Justin Bieber show for their daughter, which implies that he could use both the tickets and the awful photographers in exchange for favors.

The Fall of Falwell Jr

Michael Cohen was charged for breaching campaign finance and other offenses are living the rest of his three-year term in home confinement. In 2016 when Falwell jr was backing Liberty University, he resigned from the post of president of the said university, later last month after Reuters shared that a business colleague named Giancarlo Granda claimed that Cohen had a years-long affair with Jerry and Becki Falwell. she also claimed that Falwell Jr was well aware of Cohen and his wife Becki Falwell’s sexual relationship but Falwell denied the allegations.

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