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Joel Embiid expresses his unhappiness by tweets, could be a low-key cry for help

The Sixers fans almost jumped out of their skin after the Philadelphia 76ers player, Joel Embiid sent some tweets on Wednesday. The player caught some attention after he tweeted, “I’m still really unhappy”. This sent a wave of fear in the Sixers’ fan-base. Naturally, people started to presume that he was speaking of his team after they got eliminated in the NBA playoffs. He recently hinted that he missed being on the same team as Jimmy Butler as well. Connecting all the dots, one could say that he was expressing his true feelings through those tweets. Some would even say that it is a cry for help.

Is it a cry for help after all?

No. Turns out, he was just teasing his fans. Although, after watching Butler scored 40 points in Game 1 against the Bucks, it could be possible that Embiid felt bad that the Sixers considered Tobias Harris over a swingman like Jimmy. He quickly changed the subject before things started to slip away. In his next tweet, he added a Mountain Dew gif and captioned it, “Life’s Great #TheProcess”. At that exact moment, a Mountain Dew commercial starring Joel Embiid played on ESPN.

What does it all mean?

Even though there might have been some amount of truth in his tweets, Embiid was just trying to grab some attention for the campaign. This is very common among celebrities. So, it is safe to say that Embiid is not unhappy with his team. The Sixers fans can take a sigh-of-relief as it has been confirmed that Embiid isn’t going anywhere.

Speaking of Butler, Embiid and him were in the same team last year, coming within a single game of the Eastern Conference finals. Unfortunately for Embiid, Butler’s return to the team seemed very unlikely.

Butler has always been very open about the Sixers organization and the head coach, Brett Brown, though he has said several times that he has nothing but love for Embiid. All Embiid can do is sit and think about what could have been as Butler and the Heats head towards another game to secure a spot in the conference finals.


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