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Chicago Ronny’s Steakhouse close after 55 years, hungry Chicagoans

Chicago Ronny’s Steakhouse, After more than 55 years of taking care of hungry Chicagoans, downtown staple Ronny’s Steakhouse has shut its entryways for good.”Farewell, Chicago. It has been a noteworthy run; it’s an ideal opportunity to kill that acclaimed neon sign one last time” read a message posted Sunday on the eateries Facebook page. Ronny’s was first opened in 1963 at 16 W. Randolph St. by Kenny Munic’s dad Herman. At a certain point, Ronny’s had six areas downtown. By 2000, the chain was down to a solitary café inside the Thompson Center on top of it, where clients from over the city have sat at the steakhouse’s permanent green cowhide corners since. Pictures of superstars who have appreciated a supper at Ronny’s decorated the eateries dividers.

Chicago Ronny’s Steakhouse, Bringing Back Live Music

Film of famous people who’ve cherished a supper at Ronny’s embellished the eating places partitions. Ronny’s won’t experience many changes with Munic managing everything, except he’s bringing back a portion of sentimentality. Ronny’s utilized to have five areas with a primary supermarket at 16 W. Randolph Street where they’d heat cupcake, pies, and cakes. Those newly prepared have just made a rebound. In the end, they’ll present blue plate specials. Depending on how clients respond, Munic needs Ronny’s to have unrecorded music two times every month. From 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Friday, they’ll have 100% Foolproof. That is a band one of its vivid clients thought about. There’s no spread. Drop by the Thompson Center at 100 W. Randolph Street to check whether a Chicago legend can discover its section once more.

Music isn’t sure why Ronny’s dropped the music, yet figured this is a decent an ideal opportunity for a restoration. A stop at Ronny’s would once be essential for an evening to remember, and hearing music was important for some stops. Unrecorded music was essential for Ronny’s from the ’60s through the ’90s.

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