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Apple Watch 5 vs 6: Buy the older version or wait for new one?

Apple devices has always been in our wishlist, whether is iPhone or watch. Apple has always cater our needs in terms of technology.

Apple watches

Apple watches has always been priority to iOS users. Apple also carry the title of ‘Most sold smartwatch’. Apple watches always comes with new advanced features.

As the September is approaching, we all are confused whether to buy the older version watch or wait for the new launch.

Apple watch 5 or Apple watch 6

Apple watch 5 series

Apple watch 5 series was launched last September 2019.This watch has a lot of advanced features like:-

  • Apple 5 series watch has a Retina display, which allow us to see the time all the time and our watch free.
  • This watch can read our Heart rate and check our heart rhythm with the ECG app.
  • Noise alert features helps us to keep control on our noise. It alert us when decibel reach to levels that can impact our hearing.
  • This watch is also beneficial for females, as it has a cycle tracker. Cycle tracker helps us to track our menstrual cycle and give information regarding it.
  • It has water resistance upto 50 meters GPS.
  • This watch also helps us to reach our fitness goals.

Apple watch 6 series

Apple watch 6 series will be launched by this September as reported.

Apple also keep updated with it’s upcoming models.So we have gathered information of apple watch 6 series too.

It also has advanced features like:-

  • Apple watch 6 has got better battery life compared  to apple watch 5, which had worse battery life.
  • This watch may also have a sleep tracking feature, that will help us to track our sleep.
  • This watch will have more accurate fitness feature. It is believe that this watch may have better tracker and monitor system for health.
  • Another major feature of this is that it will monitor oxygen level in our blood. As the pandemic is still going on, this feature is a bonus to the watch.

What to buy apple watch 5 or apple watch 6 series

Apple is a reliable company with iOS.Apple watches are best smartwatch.Apple smartwatch 3 series is still in demand which proves us that we can buy apple watch 5 series.

Apple watch 5 is best for fitness freak.If you want to keep track on your health then you must go for apple watch 5. It has menstrual tracker and is water resistant. But if you are the fan of latest gadgets and models then you must wait for some month and go for apple watch 6 series. Apple watch 6 series is made keeping in mind the Coivd-19, it has more features like oxygen level in blood tracker.

It’s upto you if you want the apple watch 5 which is already available in market, and if you want to buy the latest model then wait.

Well Apple is the best company in the world, all it’s products are worth investing.


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