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Amanda Kloots, posted an emotional angry response to Trump’s “Don’t Be Afraid of COVID” tweet

Amanda Kloots often stay out of politics. But after three four-month anniversary of the death of her husband, she responded to President’s tweet. Nick Cordero dies of COVID-19 at 41 years old. Now Amanda Kloots moved to post an emotional, angry response to Mr. Donald Trump. That was Trump’s tweet “don’t be afraid of COVID” tweet. Kloot gave a response that Covid-19 has domination of COVID -19 on the lives of people is not our choice. Although Mr. Donald Trump gave so many embarrassing opinions about the Covid-19 virus. But the situation which we are facing we cannot neglect it. The cases are increasing day by day. Also, the date is not in control yet. Around 208,000 Americans have lost their lives due to coronavirus. She said that she stands with them. Cordero fought the brutal battle with coronavirus. About his demise, Kloot has information on social media. She has also posted videos on social media expressing her feelings.

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Amanda Kloots

Beyond hurtful

President Donald Trump has made a lot of aims about the Covid-19 pandemic. Kloot is not the one person who is thinking aloud. But the situation in America. The way cases of COVID 19 are increasing cannot be neglected. This is beyond hurtful. And now Mr. Donald Trump has suffered from coronavirus. He is back at home. But the way he is reacting to the situation is not normal. The population of America is a little angry. This is not a disease that will just get over from everyone. It requires a lot of effort. Kloots also suggested that instead of bragging about beating Covid-19, Trump should instead side with other Americans who have suffered so far. Kloots’ husband died and left Kloot and their 1-year-old son behind. For Kloot such a reaction is normal. Her getting angry is normal. She is dealing with a lot of things. Somewhere there is the reality behind the Kloots comments on the tweets. The way she has expressed her feelings saying a lot about her grief and pain. She even says that the way Mr. Trump is not showing any empathy towards the sufferers is very hurtful. Although, the condition of America is known to everyone and the way Kloot is reacting. We can understand her feelings and also her feelings must be respected.


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