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Many Canon Cameras can Automatically Backup Photos on Google Drive with Google One Membership

Technology advancement has upgraded us. It is making our lives and work easier. We all love to capture every small moment of our life in camera and keep it as token of memory. There is a good news for Canon photographers. Now Google has merged with the Canon, the Canon camera’s users  can now upload photos automatically to google back up via app.

This feature will sort out work, no need to use third device to transfer pictures from here to there. Now we can directly upload photos to google back up via app. Google is a safe place where we can save our pictures.

Membership and plans

Google is giving one month free membership to Google One with 100 gb of cloud storage. After one month of the free trial, you have to take the membership with google. The plans are not much costly. In India, the membership fee starts from Rs.130 per month for 100 gb. Well if you will buy the annual plan, it will be more reasonable as it annual membership fee is 1,300 per year. There are other offers also for the family plan.

Access to the app

The app is free to download for both android as well as iOS users. This app support back up to Google drive as well as You tube currently. There is no need to worry about picture’s quality, the pictures will upload with their original resolution in the cloud. This feature will work on canon cameras. The model that will be compatible for this feature are, EOS DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds. It will also cover up the wide range to powerShot point and shoots.


  • It will make our work easier.

  • Work will be done in short time, no need to spend in transferring from one device to the other.
  • Give us a better view to edit and save images collectively in one place.
  • Comes with reasonable membership fee.
  • Google is a trusted place so no need to worry about security and privacy.

Google has taken a smart step by merging with Canon and bringing this new amazing feature of uploading pictures directly to the Google backup via wifi. This will provide benefit nit only for the Canon users, google itself has taken a good chance for to attract and gain new users. This will provide a good amount of profit to the google, it would beneficial for the Canon user also.


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