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Yellowstone: Does Jimmy die in Yellowstone season 3 ?

Does Jimmy die in Yellowstone season 3, is jimmy alive? Is he in the hospital? Will he be in next season? What happened to Jimmy? Is a question arising in Yellowstone fans? Yellowstone season 3 finale” the world is purple” ends with a horrific incident. The incident took fans on a rollercoaster ride. Jimmy caught up in an accident in the ranch, taking him near the death bed. Now the Yellowstone team is working on filming season 4. Season 3 ends with giving a hint of someone dying.

Does Jimmy die, what happened in the season 3 finale

In Yellowstone season 3, in the beginning, jimmy was earning money to help his grandfather through Bronc riding which is a dangerous sport. Jimmy continued to earn money through these sports and left working at Dutton Ranch. But later on, he met an accident at Bronc and suffer severe injuries. Jimmy recovered and continue Bronc again. But he got thrown off and was in a critical situation, near death. Thankfully, Jimmy recovered from it.
One day with a conversation with his girlfriend Mia(Eden Brolin) persuades him to get back on the horse again. While watching another bronc riding, Mia said how Jimmy needed to get back on the horse and compete again. Even though Mia knows that he was still recovering from his previous sever injuries, Mia continued to persuade him to ride the horse again. Jimmy reluctant first, but then give up on his girlfriend. As soon as Jimmy hopped on the horse, Horse threw him on the ground violently result in a fatal accident of Jimmy. He fell off and lied unconsciously.

Will jimmy survive for next season

Jimmy might survive for next season as he is fans favorite in Yellowstone and plays the main character in the show. Jimmy provides comic relief to the show and his storyline has a lot of potential so we wish to see him in season 4 alive.

The finale ended on a cliff-hanger , it’s unclear whether Jimmy is alive or not. Fans are waiting to see their favorite character back on the show. Jimmy is not only in threat of life in Yellowstone, the other three members of the Dutton family are also in danger. Season 4 dates are not yet released, fans await for it.


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