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L.A.’s Finest Premiere: Gabrielle Union’s Bad Boys Offshoot Gets New Life

L.A.’s Finest got premiered. It may not have been your first encounter with the unstoppable crime-fighting team. A strong team of Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba. The two prominent characters of the franchise. It’s definitely going to be too engrossing for those who are familiar with the previous ones. Let’s get a quick sneak peek.

L.A.’s Finest

L.A.’s Finest is an American action crime television series. The detective series is created by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier. In addition to this, it is produced by Sony Pictures Television. It is an offshoot of the Bad Boys franchise created by George Gallo. The series premiered on Spectrum for the first time last year. Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba play the protagonists.


Sydney Burnett is a character played by Gabrielle Union. She is an LAPD detective. Further Sydney gets paired with a new partner. Her new partner is Nancy McKenna, played by Jessica Alba. Although their personalities do not match. Both of them have a different work style and ethics. Lastly, they always put forth their best efforts to take down criminals.

An introduction to the characters

Fox’s newest cop drama finds Union reprising the role of Sydney Burnett. Sydney is a sexually fluid badass. Furthermore, Syd is partnered with Nancy McKenna. A character played by Jessica Alba. She is a Skittles-popping sharpshooter. Nancy is quite satisfied with picture-perfect home life. This decent lifestyle of her includes a husband and her work.

Few more details

The season is full of secrets and unknown twists and turns. Nancy seems to be harboring a few secrets of her own. Moreover, this includes a shady connection to the man Syd blames for a near-fatal attack. She suffered while working for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The story is full of challenges and proves to be a fun watch.

A ride along with Sydney and Nancy

The season had an explosive premiere on Monday. Every episode is available to watch on-demand for Spectrum cable subscribers. Non-subscribers will just have to watch it on Fox weekly. One thing that needs to be appreciated is the chemistry between the two female protagonists. The story of these two cop buddies proves to be a decent entertainer.

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