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The undefeated UNAM in danger: where to see the Lion vs. Pumas

Monday marks the 11th day of Guard1anes 2020. The football match between Pumas of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Leon at camp Nou puts UNAM in danger. Monday ends with a match between Xolos and Bravos DE Juarez. But the week witnesses 30 Covid-19 cases in the canine team.

The board of directors of Tijuana decides on postponing the two meetings. It is brought to light that the varsity team has the ideal season. The team has been on top for 10 games since the 2011 Clausura. The UNAM was crowned champions by the hand of Guillermo Vazquez currently coaching Atletico San Luis.

Auriazules are securing the third position with 22 points registering 6 wins and 4 draws. El Pedgregal’s team has 20 goals in their account with 8 against. Ignacio Ambriz Leon’s as a mentor keeps the team in a positive light. The team under Andres Lillini to have an encounter with The Leonese Team. The Leonese Team is in fourth place with 21 points, a series of 6 wins with 3 draws, and one loss in their bag.

Ignacio Ambriz- The Knight in Shining Armour

Ignacio Ambriz is propping up an impeccable record against the UNAM team out of the four games, with wins in all four, with a draw in Copa MX. Ambriz’s first triumph against Pumas has records ion 2018. With Leon receiving the university students in the MX Cup Quarter-finals. The match had its cease in stipulated time (1-1), but Esmeraldas won because of penalties with a score of 5-4.

With Match 9 of Clausura 2019, Leon makes his travel to the stadium of the Olympic University Stadium to face pumas with a score of 1-3. Post-six months with matchday 14 of the Apertura 2019, the lion surfaced winning from the Ciudad Universitaria.

Meanwhile, before Clausura 2020 call off due to COVID Leon and Pumas had a tough game on the field in Bajio with a score in favor of Leon. In the past 3 matches university team polishes their scoreboard with 9 goals. With Puebla at Ciudad Universitaria on matchday and streak following on matchday 10 and 11. The matches at odds with Santos Laguna and Atletico San Luis respectively.

Where to watch the match- UNAM vs Leon

The university goal, brought home by Alfredo Talavera, has been gold in obtaining good results. In 10 official matches, the Mexican goalkeeper has only aced 8 goals.

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