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Clippers vs Nuggets, Los Angeles win by 113-107, lead by Paul and Kawhi

Clippers vs Nuggets, Los Angeles won the match by 113-107 lead by Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Monday night seemed like completely in the bowl of Los Angeles Clippers. consequently, the game of the Los Angeles team dominates over the team of Denver Nuggets in Game 3 of the semifinal series of the Western Conference. Yesterday, George and Leonard from Los Angeles were absolutely the shining stars in game 3.

Clippers vs Nuggets, Paul and George dominates

A couple of the two stars from the Los Angeles unite to put the total score of 113 to win over the Denver Nuggets who scored 107 in Game 3 of the semifinals conference yesterday. Paul George gained 32 points and Leonard contributed his significant 2 points to the scoreboard for Los Angeles Clippers along with the addition of a big late block and the zestful duo.

Leonard attempted a piece of every technique and skills to go for the match. He seized fourteen rebounds and six assists. he also made two blocks and lead the game with the dunk block at the rim with his magical like a single finger. Jamal Murray from Denver Nuggets attacked the basket but the star of the Yesterday match from Los Angeles, Kawhi Leonard uplifted himself to stuff the dunk block with his middle finger only which was significantly proven a masterstroke for the Los Angeles. Playing for Denver, Nikola Jokic ended with 32 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Praise and Appreciation

Leonard appreciated and praised the game of George and said that he made a great job towards the team. He came out with massive energy to the court and led the team on both ends of the floor.

Leonard explained, “We just followed his lead”.

Los Angeles Clippers Coach, River, complimented to his team and players and for the game of George, he said that it was just a heck of the play. He remarked the game as so impressive.

Jokic from Denver confessed that they did not close the match as per the expectations. he admitted that a little much more effort needed to be put on to give themselves a crucial chance to win the match. he also appreciated the talent and skills of both the shining stars of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Los Angeles on lead

Los Angeles is now on the lead with 2-1 in the best-of-seven series. The next game 4 is set to be on Wednesday.


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