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Home Entertainment Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons, She is a WNBA superstar

Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons, She is a WNBA superstar

Maya Moore announced marriage to her love Jonathan Irons. She is a WNBA superstar. This is a typical athlete wedding. Though she had helped Iron from free of prison. This happened after two decades of wrongful incarceration. They fell in love during that process. And finally, justice served. During this process, the two became quickly close friends. They had a strong relationship over a decade. Even she had skipped the WNBA season 2019 just to focus on ministry and outreach. Again in 2020, she skipped the season again. At that time she just focused on criminal justice reform. She knows that there is a wrong man in custody. Later she used her fame to get him out of the prison. She worked tirelessly in the public forum. Thus this all lead the court system to examine Iron’s case by a judge again.

Maya Moore is married to Jonathan Irons, She is a WNBA superstar

Iron stayed 23 years inside the jail. Thus there were a lot of obstacles in their life. But they both dealt with them positively. They always had a positive response towards the problems. Her career put on hold. And finally, they got justice.

Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons’ marriage

There is one thing which is not known. Iron decided not to pursue Moore initially. As their friendship evolved into love. This all because he felt all this wrong. He never wanted her to put under pressure. As he was already behind the bars and both are struggling as a freinds lot more. Thus after he released from prison they both got married. Her hard work pays off. They will work for those who are wrongly prisoned. Also, work for the unfairly treated people by the justice system. They don’t want anyone to struggle the way they both did. Moore will return to the court as her work is not ended. She will go back to the court for innocent victims. Now they will work as activists.

Iron was 16 years old when put into prison. He was claimed in the act of bulgary and shooting. Later it proved false. But the duo fought for their rights. And finally, their love won. They way they will work together as activists are commendable. This counts a lot for both of them. We have huge respect for the duo.

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