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Hanna Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know

Hanna is an American action-drama web-series based on the 2011 movie “Hanna”. It was created and written by David Farr, directed by Sarah Adina Smith and has Esme Creed-Miles and Mireille Enos as the main leads. The first season of the show premiered on 29th March 2019 with a time-limited preview released previously on February 3rd. The second season was recently released on 3rd July 2020. Both the seasons are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Is there going to be a Season 3?

Yes, Amazon Prime Video renewed the series for a third season in July 2020. Fans will definitely not be left hanging after the vague, heart-pounding season 2 finale. On knowing about the renewal, the creator, David Farr was absolutely thrilled to be able to give Hanna a third season. He further said, “When we embarked on this journey, I had in mind a play that would challenge Hanna in an entirely new approach and answer the question: ‘Can she belong?’ I am genuinely grateful to NBCU and Amazon that we can continue this vision. It is going to be an exciting third act.”

About the Cast

The main leads of this action-packed, dramatic series are Esme Creed-Miles and Mireille Enos who play Hanna and Marissa Wiegler respectively. Other members of the main cast are Joel Kinnaman as Erik Heller, Noah Taylor as Dr. Roland Kunek and Dermot Mulroney as John Carmichael. Dermot became a part of the show only in season 2.

About the Plot

As we know, the series is based on the movie “Hanna” which was released in 2011. The only difference is that, in the series, the makers have shown Hanna’s life in depth. The basic storyline is about a man recruiting pregnant women into a CIA Program named “Ultrax” and enhancing the child’s DNA with 3% of wolf DNA to create ‘super-soldiers’. The man (Erik Heller) falls in love with Johanna, who is Hanna’s mother. He rescues baby Hanna and they then flee. Hanna is shown to be curious about the individuality of her name, the meaning of her existence and so on, at the age of 15. She still lives with Erik in Poland since he is the only man she knows.

It may be safe to assume that season 3 shall be released sometime in late 2021. Based on the number of episodes season 1 and 2 consisted of, season 3 might also consist of 8 episodes in total.

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