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Alex McGough signed with Texan’s practice squad, In-and-out-again

As per the league source, its have been reported that Quarterback Alex McGough has signed with the Housten Texan’s practice squad. Additional to McGough Texan has signed Pharaoh Brown and Try Fumagalli too to their practice squad. Previously, Alex McGough was cut by the Housten Texans at the time of training camp in the final week. After it, he then worked out with the Jets.


The Housten Texan’s practice squad has its two agile quarterbacks on the roster: Deshaun Watson and A.J. McCarron. During the practice time of training camp, the previous Florida International Quarterback was on the Texan’s roster. At that time the Texan’s coach Bill O’ Brien also gave a small clue that the club would bring back Quarterback Alex McGough with the team’s practice squad in near future.

Fumagalli and Brown

The Houston Texans have officially signed three new players for the practice squad to its team. One its third quarterback of the training camp who is McGough who was earlier the part of the Texans and others are Troy Fumagalli and Pharaoh Brown

Troy Fumagalli is also a former Broncos fifth-round draft who picked up from Wisconsin. At the end of the training camp, Troy Fumagalli was relinquish injured. Troy Fumagalli has almost six career acceptance which he got the recognition for 38 yards and one touchdown also.

Pharaoh Brown is a former Oregon standout player. He is known for two-time All pack twelve selection. In 2017, Pharaoh Brown became an undrafted player and went with the Raiders. In all, Brown who is 26 years old has two career catches which were regarded for twenty-seven yards.

Texan’s team now

Earlier, the Housten Texans practice squad comprised of fourteen players on their sixteen players practice team but after adding three players, the Texans now had to make room and Iwuagwu was the who considered odd man ou.

In the back time, Seahawk’s seventh-round draft was picked up from the Florida International. During the season of last year, Alex McGough was also there on Texan’s practice match squad. According to the source, he was signed in the form of a future deal reservation.


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