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76th and 84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/19/09

This week’s blotters got sidelined in the hubbub of breaking Busted Chef news, but not forgotten. Here, finally, are your blotters:

Cops arrested two punks for stealing iPods and cellphones from two victims — the first of whom identified the punks during the second crime. The first incident happened at 11 pm on June 8 just outside the Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway station, when eight perps surrounded two guys and asked to use their cellphones. Two punks then hit the victims in the head, grabbed their backpacks, and raced away southbound on Hoyt Street. Cops came to the scene and drove around the neighborhood with the two victims, looking out for the perps.

An hour later: victory. As the cops and victims were canvassing, they discovered the hoodlums at it again on Livingston Street, between Bond Street and Hanover Place, where they had just asked a victim to use his phone. One perp said he had a knife and the second said he had a gun, so the victim handed over his phone without a fight. The cops jumped out of the squad car and chased the perps, arresting two of the three perps, ages 14 and 15.

On June 12, a burglar broke into a man’s 2008 Mercedes sedan that he parked in a Schermerhorn Street garage, smashing the windows and stealing the man’s wallet and briefcase. The man parked in the lot, which is between Nevins Street and Third Avenue, at 8:10 pm, but when he came back at 9:45 pm, the damage was done.

In other news, cops arrested four punks after they beat up a 14-year-old boy on the G-train on June 11. There were seven more punks in the gang, who punched and kicked their victim in the head, face, and arms before snatching his Sidekick cellphone and sending him to the hospital. The incident happened around 5 pm while the victim was on the southbound G-train, and the boys ran out at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station. Cops surrounded the boys, grabbed four, but weren’t able to get the phone back.

Cops arrested a thief after stealing five belts and punching a street vendor in the face on June 11. At around 2 pm at a lot on Schmerhorn Street, at Bond Street, the victim was peddling belts to passersby when the perp raced by and grabbed the belts, worth $25. The victim went to get them back, but the perp punched him and kept going. Cops apprehended the thief several blocks later.

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