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7 ideal ecotourism destinations in the world

Ecotourism or Green tourism is always the most favorite choice because of the simplicity and the benefits which travellers can get. You don’t have to waste lots of money in the shopping centre and in the park, or not to harm living environment, vice verse, your travelling are contributing both to develop ecosystem and to help local residents in finance.

Belows are 7 ideal green tourism destinations in 2016.

1. Palau

It’s really a pity if you have never heard about Palau. The island is in the west of Pacific Ocean and far away from the east of Philippines about 1000 miles (app 1.600 km). It has had about 20.000 residents on the island which is fewer than those in New York. However, the biodiversity on the island is bigger than both Texas and Alaska. This has made the most various undersea biodiversity in the world.

It is tropical weather on the island which is suitable for snorkeling or scuba diving. If you don’t like diving, you can spend all day laying down on the beach and seeing the blue water.

2. Haida Gwaii, Canana.

Woman in natural hotspring pool, Gwaii Haanas National Park, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada

Woman in natural hotspring pool, Gwaii Haanas National Park, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada

Haida Gwaii is the beautiful mysterious island which is alone in the west of Canada. The island is considered as one of the most ideal travelling places in 2015 that makes the travellers curious.

This place is an ideal place for people who love going by a kayak. There will be friendly partners like dolphins and whales. Outside activities such as mountain climbing and cycling are very popular. The biodiversity here is very diversified including many kinds of animals such as black bears or eagles. In addition, visitors also have chances to discover the unique nature and culture of the beautiful island which has been recognized by UNESCO.

The most suitable time for travelling is from May 15 to November 15 every year.

3. Bhutan.

The capital city of Buddhism, Bhutan, can’t help being mentioned in the list. This is the most unusual country because Bhutan is still maintaining its peace, quietness, and freedom among busy life. It is separated in the Southern Asia, between India and China and is hiden in the Himalaya, so only people who have real passion can travel here. One more reason that makes the number of visitors fewer is expensive cost about 250$ each day.

If you have a chance to come Bhutan, you should know about this place with the highest indicator of happiness and spicy food. For people who love dangerous adventures, the trip to the Himalaya is a perfect choice. You will have chances to see the unique architectures of temples and feel mighty and peaceful mountains.

This is an interesting place, especially with homestay service and friendly tour guides. The best time to come here is in Spring (from March to May) and in Fall (from September to November).

4. Greenland.

Greenland was chosen as an ideal to visit by Lonely Planet and National Geographic in 2016. Greenland is a self-governing country inside Denmark. It also has another name as “Frosty Kingdom” because it is covered about 81 % by ice. The most remarkable thing in Greenland is the most biggest icy island in the world. To move around here, you need to use dogsled or snowmobile to see easily the polar bears or the reindeers. You can go by kayak to see the seals and the whales.

In the daytime, travellers can go through the broken ice in Ilulissat Bay – the world heritage by UNESCO. At night, people can enjoy Northern Lights to see the mystery and miraculousness of the nature.

The best time is in Summer (from November to March).

5. Cuba.

When the embargo between the USA and Cuba is discharged, IMF judged that Cuban tourism would have significant development. It is hoped that 253 nature reserve in Cuba with 7 wonders of the world will become the most attractive places by protecting environmental policy.

Cuba is known with its quality and bright beauty, so rowing and diving will be popular activities. Moreover, Cuba is famous for the old cars and diversified biodiversity which is expected to discover soon.

Tourists can visit Alejandro de Humboldt National Park which is the most diversified biodiversity of island. The best time to visit here is every year, except September and October because it has storm at this time.

6. Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

Ecotourism in Cambodia is quite developing, especially with green guesthouse and environmental projects.

In Cardamom Mountains which is famous for the largest tropical forest in Southest Asia, there is a green village that is set up and managed by the Wildlife Union. This is an ideal place for tourists. Most of residents are tour guides and provide homestay services for tourists.

The best time is from November to May.

7. Mongolia.

Mongolia is a thinly populated country in the world. Therefore, tourists will have experiences with lacking of modern equipment and depending on nature.

In Mongolia, people usually use horses to move. You can climb on the mountain, go camping and ride a camel on the Gobi desert. A real challenge with tourists is the adventure of Northern Mongolia in which there are the Tsaatans and the reindeers. This is an unforgetable memory in your life.

The best time to visit here is from May to October.

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