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Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More Updates!


Nevertheless” is a South Korean drama series that explores the romantic relationship between two art students who hold differing perspectives on love and relationships. The show is an adaptation of a popular webtoon by Jung Seo with the same title and features Song Kang and Han So-hee in the lead roles.

The conclusion of the series has left some fans curious about the possibility of a second season, especially since it veered away from the original webtoon’s ending and left some plot points unresolved.

In this article, we will cover all the information available about Nevertheless Season 2, including details on its release date, cast, storyline, trailer, where to watch it, and IMDb ratings:

Release Date of Nevertheless Season 2

Currently, there has been no official confirmation regarding the renewal of “Nevertheless” for a second season. The romantic drama, adapted from a popular webtoon with the same name, concluded its initial season on August 21, 2021, comprising a total of 10 episodes. The series was broadcasted on JTBC in South Korea and internationally on Netflix.

The first season of “Nevertheless” garnered mixed feedback from both critics and viewers. While the chemistry between the lead actors, Song Kang and Han So-hee, was praised, the show faced criticism for its slow pacing and frustrating characters.

Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date

Additionally, the series encountered some controversy due to explicit scenes and a cheating scandal involving one of the supporting actors, Kim Min-gwi.

Should the show receive approval for a second season, it may take some time before production commences, as both Song Kang and Han So-hee are occupied with other projects.

Song Kang is presently working on the second season of “Love Alarm,” another Netflix original series based on a webtoon. Meanwhile, Han So-hee is slated to take on a role in the upcoming thriller drama “My Name,” also on Netflix. Consequently, fans may need to wait until late 2022 or early 2023 for the premiere of “Nevertheless” Season 2.

Nevertheless Season 2 Cast and Characters

If “Nevertheless” returns for a second season, it’s anticipated that the majority of the cast members will return to play their roles, unless significant alterations occur in the storyline or the actors’ availability. The primary cast comprises:

  • Kim Min-gwi as Nam Gyu-hyun
  • Lee Ho-jung as Yoon Sol
  • Yoon Seo-ah as Seo Ji-wan
  • Jung Jae-kwang as Ahn Kyung-joon
  • Han Eu-ddeum as Jo Min-young
  • Song Kang as Park Jae-eon
  • Han So-hee as Yoo Na-bi
  • Chae Jong-hyeop as Yang Do-hyeok
  • Lee Yul-eum as Yoon Seol-ah
  • Yang Hye-ji as Oh Bit-na

Expected Plot of Nevertheless Season 2

The direction of Nevertheless Season 2 will hinge on whether it sticks to the original webtoon or takes a new approach. In the webtoon, Na-bi and Jae-eon ultimately break up upon realizing their incompatibility and the toxicity of their relationship.

Na-bi decides to chase her dream of studying in Paris, while Jae-eon lets go of his infatuation and tries to move forward. However, the show’s finale diverged from the webtoon’s ending, as Na-bi and Jae-eon reconcile and choose to give their relationship another shot, despite their doubts and apprehensions.

Nevertheless Season 2 Release Date

If the show continues with the webtoon’s plot, Season 2 might delve into the aftermath of Na-bi and Jae-eon’s breakup and how they handle the separation and their lingering feelings. The series might also introduce new characters and obstacles for the main couple, like Na-bi’s potential romantic interest in Paris, or Jae-eon’s family issues.

On the other hand, if the show goes for a new storyline, Season 2 may center on the growth of Na-bi and Jae-eon’s relationship and how they navigate their differences and insecurities.

The series might also explore the stories of supporting characters, such as Do-hyeok’s unreciprocated love for Na-bi, Seol-ah’s fixation on Jae-eon, Bit-na and Gyu-hyun’s friendship turning into romance, and the budding love between Sol and Ji-wan.

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Official Trailer for Nevertheless Season 2

As of now, there is no trailer available for Season 2 of Nevertheless, as the show has not been officially renewed or confirmed by JTBC or Netflix. However, fans can still enjoy the Season 1 trailer here.

Where to Watch Nevertheless Season 2

Currently, the only platform to stream “Nevertheless” is Netflix, which offers all 10 episodes of Season 1. The show is also accessible on Netflix’s basic plan with advertisements.

If the show gets renewed for a second season, it will probably be released on the same platform, as Netflix holds the exclusive international distribution rights for the series.

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IMDb Ratings of Nevertheless Season 2

Nonetheless, based on the votes of over 8,000 users, the film gets a 7.1 rating on IMDb. Critics and audiences have had conflicting reactions to the program, with some praising the chemistry of the lead actors, the cinematography, and the soundtrack while others have panned it for its slow pace, its annoying characters, and its lack of depth.

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Fans of “Nevertheless” are left waiting for an official announcement on the show’s second season. The first season’s mixed reaction and unresolved narrative threads suggest potential options for a sequel, but with the major performers involved in other projects, any advances may take time.

If you enjoyed the first season of this drama, you may watch it again on Netflix and stay tuned for news on a potential second season.

Until then, fans will continue to speculate about what happened during Park Jae-eon and Yoo Na-bi’s rocky relationship. In addition, our website also features information about other popular Series that you can read about here.

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