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What Exactly is 3D Modeling and How is It Used?

Learn What 3D Modeling is, How It is Used, and How to Learn 3D Modeling.


Many of the things we encounter in our daily lives are shaped using 3D modeling. From video games to architecture, 3D modeling technology has most certainly helped us all. 

But exactly what is 3D modeling? What does it do and how does it work? Here, we’ll look at the complexities of 3D modeling and all of the amazing things it can do. 

What Exactly is 3D Modeling?

Let’s begin with a definition of 3D modeling. The process of constructing three-dimensional representations of an object or a surface is known as 3D modeling. 3D models are created using computer-based 3D modeling software, which we’ll look at in more detail later. 

The size, form, and texture of an object can be determined throughout the 3D modeling process. To construct 3D shapes within the software, the procedure uses points, lines, and polygons. 

What is the Process of 3D Modeling?

A 3D model is essentially made up of vertices that join together to form a mesh and serve as the model’s core. To adjust the shape, any point on the model can be changed. The software uses coordinate data to determine the location of each vertical and horizontal point in relation to a reference point. 

Starting with a simple shape – a cube, box, sphere, or whatever you think is best suited – is the most frequent technique to begin creating a 3D model. You can start sculpting and refining your beginning shape into whatever you choose. 

What is the Purpose of 3D Modeling?

Many industries employ 3D modeling for a variety of projects; there are probably many 3D-modeled goods that we use without even realizing it. The possibilities with 3D modeling are limitless. It’s a truly versatile medium that can be employed in a variety of applications. Let’s look at some common applications of 3D modeling: 

Game Development

Game development is perhaps the most well-known application of 3D modeling. Characters, settings, props, and entire worlds in video games are created using 3D models. Immersion is essential to every excellent game, and 3D modeling is a terrific approach to creating immersive experiences.

3D modeling is especially crucial in the area of virtual reality gaming, which is a very interesting industry. Virtual reality games completely immerse you in the game experience, allowing you to explore entire three-dimensional environments.

Check out our Create Expressive Videogames course to learn more about making engaging games.

3D Printing

It seems to reason that 3D printing would be impossible without 3D modeling. 3D printing converts 3D models into actual items that can be utilized for everything you can think of. There are numerous beneficial applications for 3D printing that go beyond miniature miniatures and toys produced by home printers.

What Exactly is 3D Modeling and How is It Used

As we observed in our open step on 3D printing in healthcare, 3D printing is widely employed in healthcare and has life-changing consequences. It has been utilized to build anatomically precise models for surgery planning as well as custom-built prostheses and implants.


Architecture is another popular application for 3D modeling. Architects can use 3D modeling to plan beyond the usual practice of hand-drawn architectural designs. As technology has advanced, we can now create a three-dimensional image of a building before it is entirely constructed.

This is particularly beneficial for visualizing the finished product during pitches or discussions with other stakeholders. 3D modeling, which is essential in modern building design, can highlight possible flaws with building structures that 2D designs cannot. 


Once you have a 3D model, it can be fully rigged and animated, which is incredibly useful for animation. When making movies and TV shows, animators employ 3D models to create a clean, seamless effect. 3D modeling is used throughout the process to generate scenery, characters, props, and much more.

Most animated films will make use of 3D programming software. However, the ability to animate is not limited to animation. It’s also useful for special effects in movies, among other things. 

If you’re interested in this area of 3D modeling, take a look at our Explore Animation course. 

Product Design

Many of the objects we encounter in our daily lives would have benefited from some 3D modeling. We can spot any flaws and change the product accordingly by developing a virtual 3D model of your product before it is physically built. Even seeing the object’s size in relation to other products can make a big difference in the manufacturing process.

It is particularly excellent for pitching product concepts to investors because goods can be shown from all sides, allowing stakeholders to fully see the end result. It’s also less wasteful than generating samples and mock-ups over and over, and sustainable product design is a big step in the right direction.

Types of 3D Modelling Software

There is a vast selection of software available to match the promise and variety of 3D modeling. 3D modeling software is available at various price points, for a variety of uses, and each has its own set of capabilities. Let’s look at some 3D modeling software examples: 


This is a free open-source 3D modeling software that may be downloaded. It’s an excellent place to begin your 3D modeling experience, and it can be used for a variety of mediums. 

What Exactly is 3D Modeling and How is It Used

Blender is commonly used for visual effects, animation, and 3D printing models, to mention a few. It supports practically every facet of 3D modeling, making it ideal for multi-project work. 


AutoCAD is another type of computer-aided design software that may be used for both 2D and 3D projects. It is well-liked by architects and engineers. It is also very useful for product design and aids in the prevention of product problems prior to production.    

Unlike Blender, this 3D modeling software is not free to download. It’s worth noting that you can acquire a free trial of the software to see how it works. 

Autodesk Maya

This program is quite powerful and is primarily used for animation (even by major animation studios). It is even regarded as the industry standard for animation and is far superior to Blender. 

It is, however, significantly more expensive than most. As a result, it’s usually best to begin your adventure using free or low-cost software until you’re an expert. Furthermore, because there are so many extra features, it is far more complex than Blender. 

Best 3D Modeling Software

So, with so many alternatives, how can we determine which program is ideal for 3D modeling?  This can be a difficult topic to answer because it is entirely dependent on you and your initiatives. The program is available in various levels of complexity; some are more suited to specific projects than others, but they all have distinct purposes. 

We recommend Blender for novices looking for good 3D modeling software. The software is simple to use, has numerous applications, and is free to download. This 3D modeling program is perfect for those who are just getting started with 3D modeling software because it is often described as simple to learn.

How to Learn 3D Modelling?

You’re probably wondering how to get started learning 3D modeling by now. The good news is that the necessary resources are easily available. All you need is the desire to study and internet access!

Many of the software programs required to teach yourself the fundamentals are free to download or provide free trials, and there are several resources accessible online to assist you along the way.

3D Modeling Courses

It is totally possible to learn 3D modeling software at home. Online classes are a terrific place to start because they frequently walk you through the full process until you’re at ease with the software. It’s a simple method to have someone show you the ropes at any time and in any location. 

We’ve listed some of our top-rated courses that will help you succeed in 3D modeling:

  • 3D modeling fundamentals
  • Intermediate additive manufacturing: 3D printing
  • Teaching 3D animation with Blender
  • Overview of Digital Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • Overview of Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality
  • Creating a Virtual Reality Experience
  • Making and Selling Your First Immersive Experience

You’ll be able to practice and hone your talents once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of 3D modeling. You’ll be inventing games and buildings in no time! 

How to Create a 3D Model

Your first 3D project will be heavily influenced by where you learn and what you learn. However, starting small is always a good idea. Learn the fundamentals and become acquainted with the software. You’ll gradually pick up the pace and be able to create fully-fledged 3D models of anything you choose. 

Because many online courses will lead you through the process of creating anything, you’ll most likely begin with their advice. You might also experiment with the software to see if you can create a personal project once you understand the basics. 

In our Introduction to 3D Modeling course, you will study the fundamentals of 3D modeling and have the opportunity to create your own 3D model project.

Is It Worthwhile to Learn 3D Modeling?

The answer is straightforward: yes! The industry is extremely fast-paced, with plenty of prospects for creativity and employment. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or want to start a fun techy job, 3D modeling is the way to go. 

The 3D space is brimming with new possibilities. Consider the metaverse, a fully three-dimensional environment that is sweeping the globe. The market for 3D mapping and modeling is expected to increase by 17.2% between 2022 and 2027. 

The 3D modeling field is a terrific place to work because it is applicable in so many industries and is growing in popularity as technology advances. Some of the positions you could get with 3D modeling talents include, but are not limited to: 

  • Video game designer
  • Animator
  • Architectural designer
  • Character artist


3D modeling is a fascinating field with numerous opportunities to learn and be creative. It’s also a rapidly expanding industry with a lot to offer. Hopefully, this article has increased your understanding of 3D modeling and given you the motivation to perfect it. 

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