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Redo of Healer Season 2: Renewal, Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Details Are Here!


Before you watch season 2 of the popular Japanese anime series Redo of Healer, here are all the basics you need to know about the anime. This article will offer you an overview of the plot of Redo of Healer Season 2, as well as when and where you can watch the current season of the anime.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Renewal Status

Season 2 of Redo of Healer has not been officially renewed. TNK, the anime’s production studio, has hinted that a second season is being planned. In a January 2022 tweet, the firm stated that they were “working hard” on Redo of Healer and that they will “keep everyone updated” on the series progress.

Based on these considerations, it is very possible that Redo of Healer Season 2 will be approved at some point. However, it is probable that the production company may need some time to finalize plans for the second season. Meanwhile, fans may keep up with the newest news by following the anime’s official Twitter account.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date

Redo of Healer Season 2 has no confirmed release date. There are, nevertheless, a few hints that we can use to create an educated guess. Redo of Healer’s first season covers the first four volumes of the light novel series. The light book series has reached volume 9, so there is enough material for a second season.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date

In the interim, the anime’s production firm, TNK, has been working on other projects. This means that they have not yet begun work on Redo of Healer Season 2.

Based on these circumstances, Redo of Healer Season 2 is unlikely to be launched before late 2023 or early 2024. However, if production begins earlier than anticipated, the anime could be released sooner.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Cast

Character Voice Actor/Actress
Keyaruga Yuya Hozumi
Freia Ayano Shibuya
Setsuna Shizuka Ishigami
Kureha Crylet Natsuki Aikawa
Leonard Yasuaki Takumi
Blade Mami Fujita
Bullet Tetsu Inada
Eve Reese Natsumi Takamori
Anna Asuka Nishi
King Prome Takaya Hashi

Redo of Healer Plotline

Keyaru is a healer who isekai’d into a sword and magic world. He is swiftly abused and exploited by the individuals he meets, even the princess for whom he was hired. After four years of abuse, Keyaru cracks and uses his healing power to travel four years back in time, giving him the opportunity to recreate his life and exact revenge on those who harmed him.

In the new timeline, Keyaru uses his healing magic to become the world’s strongest individual. He then vows vengeance on everyone who wronged him in his past life. He accomplishes this by inflicting agony on his opponents, both physically and mentally. He also steals their memories and talents with his healing power, making him even stronger.

Redo of Healer Season 2 Release Date

Keyaru’s vengeance is frequently brutal and unpleasant, but it is also satisfying to see him exact retribution on those who have wronged him. The series delves into issues such as vengeance, redemption, and the nature of evil. It’s a dark and twisted plot, but it’s also gripping.

It should be noted that Redo of Healer involves violent violence, sexual assault, and other upsetting content. If you are sensitive to these issues, you should avoid watching Redo of Healer. If you’re seeking a dark and edgy anime series with a novel idea, Redo of Healer might be worth a look.

How Many Episodes Redo of Healer Will Have For Season 2?

There has been no official confirmation on the number of episodes in Redo of Healer Season 2. The anime’s first season had 12 episodes, therefore the second season might have a similar number of episodes. However, depending on the amount of source material available, the second season could contain more or fewer episodes.

Redo of Healer Will Have For Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer for Season 2 of Redo of Healer. It appears like it will be launched soon. Let’s take a look at the official trailer for the first season of Redo Of Healer. Watch it Here.

Where to Watch Redo of Healer Season 2?

The streaming platforms where Redo of Healer Season 2 will be available have yet to be disclosed. The first season of Redo of Healer, on the other hand, was available on a variety of platforms, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE. The second season will very certainly be streamed on comparable platforms.

Redo Of Healer Ratings & Reviews

Critics and viewers have given Redo of Healer mixed reviews. Some reviewers lauded the series for its dark and edgy take on the isekai genre, while others panned it for its brutal violence and sexual material.

Redo of Healer has a user rating of 6.42 out of 10 on MyAnimeList And IMDb gives the series a comparable rating of 6.4 out of 10 based on over 11,000 votes.


As Redo of Healer fans wait for word on a second season, it is vital to remember that the choice is in the hands of the production studio and creators.

The series’ contentious nature makes it impossible to anticipate if it will be renewed for another season. While fans can speculate on a possible release date, official announcements are the best source of factual information.

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