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Earth Arcade Season 3 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far About the Show!


Earth Arcade is a South Korean television series that follows four characters. The talented cast members of the Korean comedy TV series Earth Arcade, which premiered in 2022, include Ahn Yu Jin, Mimi, and Lee Young Ji. The first season of the show, which consisted of ten episodes, began on June 24, 2022. So, will there be a Season 3 of Earth Arcade?

Earth Arcade Season 3 Renewal Status

There has been no official statement about Earth Arcade being renewed for a third season. However, there are a few indicators that it is a possibility.

The Earth Arcade cast has all agreed to return for another season. The cast members all showed interest in returning for a third season in an interview with Soompi. Finally, the Earth Arcade production crew has begun brainstorming for a possible Season 3.

Earth Arcade Season 3 Release Date

There has been no official announcement of the Earth Arcade Season 3 release date. Earth Arcade’s production team has already begun brainstorming for a possible Season 3. In an interview with OSEN, a tvN insider stated that the network is “planning for Season 3” of Earth Arcade. If the program is revived, it will most likely premiere in the second half of 2024.

Earth Arcade Season 3 Release Date

Earth Arcade Season 3 Cast

Character Name
Miho Yu-jin Ahn
Eun Jii Eun-ji Lee
Lee Jiwoo Young-ji Lee
Mimi Kim Mi-hyun

It is likely that new cast members will be added if the program is revived. This would enable the show to include more games and challenges.

Earth Arcade Series Plotline

The scenario of Earth Arcade is driven by an engaging and unique plot that combines elements of action, adventure, and humor. Lee Eun Ji, Lee Young Ji, Mimi, and An Yu Jin from Oh My Girl and IVE formed a formidable fighting force in Season 1. Their mission was to capture a naughty bunny from the moon that had somehow made its way to Earth.

Season one of the show concluded in the month of September of the year prior. Season 2 will have 12 new episodes and will supposedly continue the story. The setting is very different from the idyllic Thailand of the first season, which adds a new layer of intrigue to the plot. The four warriors team together in an attempt to catch the elusive moon rabbit.

In their pursuit, they embark on a fantastic journey that transcends both time and space. The exciting merging of different kingdoms, universes, and timelines is introduced by the concept of a hybrid multiverse. The Earth Arcade takes its fighters and viewers on a journey around the multiverse, stopping at many destinations along the way.

Earth Arcade Season 3 Release Date

The warriors explore futuristic realms rich in technological marvels and discover ancient civilizations steeped in mysticism on their journey across stunning landscapes.

With its exciting sequences, humorous moments, and unexpected twists, Earth Arcade provides a captivating and entertaining experience. The plot grabs the audience’s interest and provides a unique viewing experience by deftly blending genres.

As they try to track down the mischievous moon bunny and restore order to the many worlds they visit, our heroes will participate in thrilling battles, puzzling puzzles, and heartwarming run-ins with the audience. The overall concept of Earth Arcade is fresh and exciting, combining comedy, action, and a multiverse plot to give viewers a trip they won’t forget.

How Many Episodes Will Earth Arcade Have in Season 3?

There has been no confirmation on Season 3 of Earth Arcade’s episode count. Seasons 1 and 2 had the same number of episodes, 12, though. Season 3 may follow the same formula and consist of 12 episodes.

Season 3 could have a different number of episodes, of course. There may be a different number of episodes than 12. The show’s success is determined by the quality of its writers and the resources available to them.

Earth Arcade Season 3 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Earth Arcade Season 3. Fans of the series will have to wait until the production team makes an official announcement on the release of a trailer. However, if you want to watch the trailer of second season, you can watch it here.

Where to Watch Earth Arcade Season 3?

Earth Arcade is a show that people of all ages enjoy watching. TVN and other streaming services carry the series. TVN provides options to watch the show in its original form or with translations into other languages. The show is available in high definition (HD) with subtitles on all streaming platforms.

Earth Arcade Ratings & Reviews

The positive response to “Earth Arcade” from viewers is reflected in its 8.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb. The positive response shows how much the audience appreciated the gripping plot and the superb ensemble.

MyDramaList rated it 8.6 out of 10 stars as well. These high numbers illustrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the show is worth your time and attention.


This Korean drama has won the hearts of viewers and is likely to provide some much-needed comic relief. It’s so enticingly beautiful that you won’t want to miss a second of it.

We have no doubt that you will enjoy this series so much that you will watch it multiple times and suggest it to others. With a compelling story, a fantastic ensemble, and plenty of enjoyable content—this show has it all.

Prepare to laugh out loud and lose yourself in a world that will leave you wanting more. Stay tuned for further series updates. We really hope the information we provided was helpful.

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