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Henry Danger Cast and Characters: Teen Superheroes, Adventures, and Comedy


Henry Danger is a comedy TV show that ran from 2014 to 2020 on Nickelodeon. In the series, 13-year-old Henry Hart becomes Captain Man’s sidekick and goes on adventures with him.

Together, they fight crime in the city of Swellview, while Henry tries to balance his normal life as a student and friend. Henry is played by Jace Norman, Captain Man is played by Cooper Barnes, Charlotte is played by Riele Downs, Jasper is played by Sean Ryan Fox, Piper is played by Ella Anderson, and Schwoz is played by Michael D. Cohen.

The show was made by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen, and it has won and been nominated for a number of awards. The show also led to another show called Danger Force and a movie that will be shown on Paramount+ soon.

Here is henry danger’s cast list.

1. Henry Hart

Henry Hart/Kid Danger was played by Jace Norman. He was a teenage superhero who helped Captain Man. Since then, he has been a producer and guest star on some episodes of the spinoff show Danger Force.

henry hart

He will also be in a Paramount+ movie coming out soon that is based on Henry Danger. He also runs Creator Edge Media, his own social media company.

“Cooper Barnes played Ray Manchester/Captain Man,” a superhero who owns a store called Junk N’ Stuff and helps Henry. He has kept playing the same part in the spinoff show Danger Force. He has also done voice work for shows like Robot Chicken and The Loud House.

2. Riele Downs

Riele Downs played Charlotte Page, who is Henry’s best friend and works at Junk N’ Stuff. She is smart and sarcastic.” She has been in some episodes of Danger Force, a spinoff show.

Riele Downs

She was also in The Sleepover, a Netflix movie, and Spin, a Disney Channel movie. She also wants to be a fashion designer, and she has started her own line of clothes called RieleWest.

3. Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan Fox played Henry’s funny and loyal friend Jasper Dunlop, who loves to collect buckets. He has been in some episodes of Danger Force, a spin-off show.

Riele Downs

He has also tried to make a living as a musician. Among his singles are “Perfect Crime” and “Indestructible.” He is also on TikTok, YouTube, and other social media sites.

4. Piper Hart

Piper Hart,” Henry’s rude and spoiled younger sister who is always on her phone, was played by Ella Anderson. She has been in some episodes of Danger Force, a spinoff show.

Piper Hart

She was also in the movies The Boss Baby: Family Business on Hulu and Shook on Disney+. She also reads and writes a lot, and some of her poems have been put online.

5. Michael D. Cohen

Michael D. Cohen Henry Danger Castplayed Schwoz Schwartz, a genius inventor who works for Captain Man and makes gadgets for him.” He was a character who showed up more than once in the first four seasons of Henry Danger.

Michael D. Cohen

In the fifth season, he became a main character. He has kept playing the same part in the spinoff show Danger Force. He has also worked for transgender rights and awareness and told the public about his own transition.

6. Ray Manchester

Cooper Barnes’s Ray Manchester / Captain Man is a superhero who trains Henry. Dr. Carl Manchester, Ray Manchester’s scientist father, inadvertently pulled a lever on his Trans-Molecular Densitizer approximately twenty-five years ago, causing Ray to become indestructible but still able to briefly feel pain.

Ray Manchester

He is currently a crime-fighting superhero. He needed an assistant, so he selected Henry. The Man-Cave of Captain Man is located beneath “Junk ‘n’ Stuff.” Despite the fact that Mrs. Hart is married, Ray is shown to have a crush on her, which sometimes irritates Henry, who tries to force Ray to do something else for the time being.

He owns the Man Van and the Man Copter. “Back to the Danger: Part 2” features Kale Culley as a younger version of him. In “The Fate of Danger: Part 2”, Ray and Schwoz open the Swellview Academy for the Gifted, or SW.A.G. for short, with Ray leading and training a young group of new superheroes.

7. Luca Luhan

Bose (Luca Luhan) is Vice Mayor Willard’s dumb stepson. He helps Captain Man and Kid Danger get the power of telekinesis in the last four episodes of Henry Danger and in the last episode of the series, “The Fate of Danger.”

Luca Luhan

As the superhero Brainstorm, he becomes one of the main characters in the spinoff show Danger Force. The main thing that stands out about him is that he is not very smart. His friends often have to carefully explain things to him. In the episode “Radioactive Cat” of Danger Force, his last name is revealed to be O’Brian.

8. Dana Heath

Mika (Dana Heath) is the twin sister of Miles. She first appeared in the Henry Danger episode “Escape Room,” where she tried to get out of an escape room with Ray, Henry, and Miles.

Dana Heath

She came back in the series finale “The Fate of Danger,” where she learned how to sonic scream, but that wasn’t shown until the pilot episode of Danger Force. As a superheroine named ShoutOut, she becomes one of the main characters in the spinoff show Danger Force.

She is shown to be the smartest and most responsible member of Danger Force, but she can get angry when other members try to beat her at being the best. In the episode “Mika in the Middle” of Danger Force, her last name is revealed to be Macklin.

9. Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker plays Drex, who used to help Captain Man but turned bad and became another main bad guy in the show. Because of an accident caused by Captain Man, he has super strength and can’t get hurt.

10. Ben Giroux

Toddler, played by Ben Giroux, is a bad guy who is short and has a baby theme. He was the first bad guy that Kid Danger and Captain Man had to deal with. He lost when he fell into the ball pit with no bottom and a bomb also fell in it.

In “Danger & Thunder,” bad guys like Dr. Minyak and Nurse Cohort, Drill Finger, Jeff, Time Jerker, Van Del, and an alien woman who couldn’t be named were all in a base under Lake Swellview. Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Thundergirl, who were all pretending to be someone else, found out that Dr. Minyak did not bring them all together.

Ben Giroux

Toddler was the one who made it back to the surface after being blasted to the center of the Earth and having to tunnel back up. He came out of a sandbox. Toddler plans for the bad guys to get back at Captain Man. Max Thunderman takes care of him, but in secret he is planning to get Dr. Minyak’s latest weapon.

In “The Fate of Danger” Pt. 2, Toddler goes to Kid Danger’s funeral, where he is chained with Dr. Minyak and Jack Frittleman.


With its humor and action, Henry Danger was a popular and successful show that entertained millions of viewers. Since the show ended, the cast has been busy with various projects, but they have remained connected to the franchise and their fans.

They have demonstrated their talent and versatility in a variety of roles and genres, as well as using their platform to express their passions and causes. They are all rising stars with a lot of potential and a strong desire to succeed in their fields. Henry Danger may have ended, but the show and its cast live on.

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