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5 Best Dash Cams Capture Every Detail on the Road With These High-performing Models


A dash cam acts as a second set of eyes while driving, providing you with peace of mind while on the road. The best dash cams are aware of what’s happening while you’re driving, recording high-resolution video with GPS and time stamps. Many can record while your vehicle is parked, in case anything occurs while you’re away.

Consider whether you want a front, front/interior, or front/rear model before selecting the best dashboard camera for your needs. Additionally, you will need to determine the required viewing angle.

Then there are additional features to consider, such as voice control and parking assistance. We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all dash cam because there are numerous reasons to use one.

In light of this, we have compiled a list of our recommendations for dash cams of all types, complete with a variety of features and prices.

We now recommend the 70mai Dash Cam Omni as the most entertaining dash cam. Read the summary to find out more about this noteworthy new recommendation.

1. Cobra Sc 400d – Best Premium Front/Rear Dash Cam


  • Excellent video captures, day and night, front and back
  • 3-inch touchscreen display
  • Voice control
  • Alexa support (if you care)
  • 2160p (4K UHD) if you want it


  • Very expensive
  • Rear camera isn’t removable

After reading about the Cobra SC 400D, we fell in love with it. It’s expensive, yes, but it gives you stunning images day or night, in 4K for the front and 1080p for the back.

cobra sc 400d – best premium front/rear dash cam

It also has all the features of a high-end product: a strong magnetic mount with built-in GPS, a clear 3-inch touchscreen display, and Alexa support for finding businesses and other things when you’re on the road. It can also be made bigger by adding an optional 120-degree FOV interior cam.

2. Nextbase 622gw – Best Premium Front/rear Runner-up


  • Stellar day and night captures
  • Modular add-on 1080p cameras provide interior and rear coverage
  • Alexa voice control and automatic emergency notifications


  • Expensive

Before we wrote about the Cobra SC 400D, our favorite front/rear system was the 622GW. And, really, it has almost all of the same features as its competitor.

Nextbase 622gw – Best Premium Front/rear Runner-up

It has a nice design and good build quality, takes great pictures during the day and at night, has drive mapping, a great 3-inch display, can respond to accidents, works with Alexa, and you can add a third camera to see inside the car. It has a high price tag, just like the 400D. In the end, though, neither model is wrong.

3. Viofo A129 Pro Duo – Best Midrange Front/Rear Dash Cam


  • Excellent 4K UHD front captures.
  • Great 1080p rear captures.
  • Easy to use


  • Cameras don’t detach from mounts

Viofo A129 Pro Duo – Best Midrange Front/Rear Dash Cam

The Viofo A129 Pro Duo, another device with a 4K front camera and a 1080p rear camera, was the first to convince us of 4K’s merits.

Newer models are on par with it in those respects, but the A129 offers an attractive price that can’t be ignored. In addition, it has built-in GPS and is easy to use.

4. Nextbase 222x – Best Budget Front/Rear Dash Cam


  • Good front/rear-view day video
  • Decent front/rear-view night captures
  • 48-hour, battery-supported parking mode and after-incident capture


  • Modest video quality compared to pricier Nextbase models
  • Modular port, but no add-on modules
  • No GPS

Nextbase 222x – Best Budget Front/Rear Dash Cam

This front and back Nextbase 222X camera set is available only at Walmart and is an excellent bargain.

While the 1080p/720p resolution isn’t ideal, the video quality is fine, the magnetic mount is convenient, the 2.5-inch screen is bright and clear, and the parking mode doesn’t drain the battery.

5. Miofive 4k – Best Front-only Dash Cam


  • Compact, fully integrated design
  • Very affordable for 4K with GPS
  • Friendly voice notifications
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • Good day and night captures


  • Internal storage isn’t replaceable
  • macOS won’t read the internal storage

Miofive 4k – Best Front-only Dash Cam

If we hadn’t reviewed the Miofive 4K, we probably would have gone with the Car and Driver Eye2 Pro, which is a great product in its own right, as the best front-only 4K dash cam.

However, for only $100 more, you can get a Miofive that has built-in GPS, excellent video capture, 64GB of storage, a compact design, helpful voice notifications, and a foolproof setup. This is not only our favorite front cam, but also our favorite front cam because of its 4K resolution.

Final Words

In the end, the best dash cam for you will depend on your needs and preferences. The Cobra SC 400D stands out as a high-end option because it lets you control it with your voice and works with Alexa.

The Nextbase 622GW is a strong competitor with similar features and modular cameras that can be added. The 4K front and 1080p back captures on the Viofo A129 Pro Duo are a great value.

The Nextbase 222X has good video quality and useful features at a price that is easy on the wallet. Lastly, the Miofive 4K is small, has a GPS built in, and has great video quality for a dash cam that only records the front.

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