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10 Most Popular Wild and Entertaining Drinking Games to Warm Up Your Party in 2023!


Do you believe you’ve outgrown game nights? Consider again! A drinking game is the perfect way to add a fun twist to your next gathering or party.

There’s no shortage of wild drinking games to get the party started, from familiar games with new twists, like Jenga, beer pong, and flip cup, to new options that could become favorites, like Who Needs a Ship and Spin the Shot.

Some of these options only require two players, so don’t think you need a room full of eager participants to make the games come to life — though we all know that the more, the merrier.

You might want to go over the rules and set up the game before you drink too much. After all, the commotion, laughs, and sips can cause things to become a little, uh, fuzzy.

So, find your new favorite drinking games and start the party!

1. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a drinking game that combines the thrill of competition and the joy of teamwork. Participants line up on opposite sides of a table, each holding their preferred beverage in a cup.

Flip Cup

The purpose? One-handedly consume the contents of the cup before inverting it upside down. As players race against the clock and cheer each other on, the rapid-fire nature of Flip Cup creates an electrifying environment.

This game is frequently played at lively house parties or outdoor gatherings, where friendly banter fuels the competitive spirit.

2. Beer Pong

Beer Pong is a classic drinking game that combines the thrill of precision with the celebration of victory. Set up a triangular formation of beer-filled cups at each end of a table, and take turns attempting to land ping-pong balls in your opponent’s cups.

With each successful shot, the opponent must consume the contents of the cup.

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is popular at college parties and tailgates, where spectators’ cheers and jeers add to the excitement.

This game is best played with a group of friends who enjoy friendly competition and don’t mind a little friendly teasing.

Flip Cup guarantees a night of laugh-out-loud fun and unforgettable memories when played with a group of friends eager to unleash their competitive spirit.

3. Buzzed

Buzzed is a dynamic and unpredictable card game that tests your capacity for quick thinking and responsible drinking.

Players take turns drawing cards and following the instructions on each card, which may include assigning drinks to others, initiating a waterfall in which everyone drinks at once, or even participating in minigames within the game.


Buzzed is an adaptable drinking game that can be played in a variety of settings, from relaxed gatherings to rowdy house parties.

This game is best played with a group of friends who are willing to let loose, laugh, and accept unanticipated challenges.

4. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is an altered version of the traditional block-stacking game. Each wooden block in the Jenga tower bears a rule or instruction that must be followed when it is removed.

These rules may involve drinking, dares, or even the disclosure of embarrassing secrets.

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga adds an element of suspense and anticipation to drinking games, as players carefully remove blocks in an attempt to avoid toppling the tower and suffering the repercussions.

This game is perfect for intimate gatherings or relaxed social settings, where players can bond over shared laughter and enjoy the ensuing suspense.

5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is an insightful and entertaining drinking game that sparks conversation and reveals hidden truths. Never have I ever… is followed by an action or experience that the player has never performed.

Those who have performed the specified action take a sip from their beverage.

Never Have I Ever drinking game

The game swiftly reveals intriguing and unexpected revelations, generating a lively environment filled with laughter and shared anecdotes.

Typically, one begins with a certain number of fingers raised, then lowers one finger and takes a drink for each “Never have I ever” statement made.

Never Have I Ever is frequently played at parties and social gatherings where individuals are eager to connect, break the ice, and learn about one another’s life experiences.

6. King’s Cup

King’s Cup is the most popular drinking game. It is played with a deck of cards and has many different rules and challenges. Each player takes a turn drawing a card, and each card has a rule or action that goes with it.

These rules can include things like giving out drinks, making social rules, or starting a group activity.

King’s Cup game

King’s Cup is a game that can be played in many different situations, from quiet house parties to wild nights out.

The game makes people talk to each other, laugh, and feel like they are in it together.

This game is best played with a group of friends who are ready to go on an unpredictable and funny adventure.

7. Most Likely

Most Likely is a funny and eye-opening drinking game that tests how people think and what they think they know. Players take turns asking questions that start with “Who’s most likely to…” and then name an action or situation.

Everyone points at the person they think is most likely to do what is being said at the same time.

Most Likely

The person with the most votes has to have a drink. This game leads to fun conversations, funny arguments, and finding out things about your friends that you didn’t know.

Most Likely is a great way to break the ice at social events, parties, or just to get to know new people.

Get ready for laughter, surprises, and a chance to learn more about your friends’ quirks and habits that you didn’t know about.

8. Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink is a twist on the classic game “Truth or Dare” that involves alcohol. Players take turns asking each other questions that make them think, and the person being asked can either give an honest answer or take a drink.

Truth or Drink

This game encourages people to be honest, open up, and sometimes even play a little prank. Truth or Drink is a great game for small groups of close friends to play when they want to get to know each other better and have deep conversations.

It’s a game that helps people get to know each other, makes them laugh, and lets them relax while drinking their favorite drinks.

9. Straight Face

Straight Face is a test of how calm and in control you can be in crazy and funny situations. It’s also called “You Laugh, You Drink,” which pretty much says what it’s about.

Players take turns drawing cards. Each card has a funny statement or situation on it that the player must read out loud without laughing.

Straight Face game

It’s hard to keep a straight face while saying the crazy lines, which often leads to fits of laughter and other funny moments.

Straight Face is a great game to play with friends who like to joke around, think quickly, and aren’t afraid to show their silly side. It’s a game that will make you laugh, give you something to remember, and show you how good (or bad) you are at keeping a straight face.

10. Drink-a-Palooza

Drink-a-Palooza is an all-in-one drinking game that combines different mini-games into one big night of fun. Drink-a-Palooza has everything, from beer pong to flip cup, quarters to card games.

Straight Face game

Players move around a game board, completing tasks and competing against each other in a friendly way. The game captures the spirit of a fun party by encouraging people to talk to each other, laugh, and drink.

Drink-a-Palooza is the best choice for large gatherings or events where the energy is high and people want to dive into a festival of drinking games and unforgettable experiences.

Final Words

In conclusion, drinking games are still a popular and fun part of social events and parties in the year 2023. Whether it’s old favorites like Flip Cup, Beer Pong, and Kings or newer games like Who Needs a Ship and Spin the Shot, these games bring laughter, camaraderie, and a little friendly competition to the table.

There are many different drinking games, so there is one for every group size and situation. So get your friends together, grab your favorite drinks, and get ready for a night of fun, laughter, and memories you’ll never forget.

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