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Hidden Strike: Release Date, Cast, and Trailer for the New Action Movie With John Cena and Jackie Chan


The actioncomedy movie Hidden Strike is scheduled to debut in 2023 after spending more than five years in post-production limbo.

Jackie Chan, an actor with more than 150 film roles and forty years of martial arts training, and John Cena, a sixteen-time WWE world wrestling champion-turned-actor, star in the movie. In Baghdad, the two action heroes are thrown together for a mission where they must rescue helpless civilians.

Project X-traction, Project X, Ex-Baghdad, Snafu, and The Furious Sandstorm were among the titles that Hidden Strike underwent during production. The film’s start-stop production and release schedule had little to do with COVID-19 and a lot to do with the shifting cultural context of Chinese cinema and its contribution to global box office success.

Hollywood is affected when Chinese cinema undergoes changes because China has a big impact on the audience and financial success of foreign films.

But as the director notes, Hidden Strike is a hopeful “model for successful Hollywood-China collaboration, on both a creative and commercial basis.”

Here is everything we know about the movie as it approaches its release.

When Will Hidden Strike Be Released?

There is no confirmed release date for Hidden Strike, but it is expected sometime in 2023. In its trailer, the film is simply described as “coming soon” without any additional information.

Hidden Strike release date

The film Hidden Strike will soon be released. No word on when it will be available on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Max, or others like them.

What is the Storyline of Hidden Strike?

According to XYZ Films’ summary, “Hidden Strike” is about two ex-soldiers who work together to get civilians to safety by driving along Baghdad’s Highway of Death, a six-lane road with a bad reputation.

Jackie Chan told The Hollywood Reporter in 2018 about some of the story’s details, and they haven’t changed much since then. Because of what the real bad guys in the movie want to do, there may also be an oil heist at the center of everything. And it’s possible that Cena and Chan’s characters don’t start out on the same team.

“In the movie, both of the main characters start out as pretty normal guys who aren’t superheroes,” Chan told THR. “At first, I think we’re enemies. I think he’s the bad guy, and he thinks I’m the bad guy. But then we realize we’re on the same side and go after the real enemy.”

Chan’s details follow a well-known formula for movie team-ups, which should fit “Hidden Strike” very well as a whole. Also, the chance to see Chan and Cena fight for a short time before they go after other opponents seem too good to pass up.

Who Will Appear in Hidden Strike?

Hidden Strike release date

Jackie Chan (Rush Hour, Police Story) and John Cena (12 Rounds, The Suicide Squad) play the main characters in the movie. Pilou Asbaek (Ghost in the Shell, Game of Thrones), Minghau Hou (When We Were Young), Amadeus Serafini (Summer Days Sumer Nights), Li Ma (Moon Man, Goodbye Mr. Loser), and Rachael Holoway (The Few) are also in the cast.

Scout Waugh, who directed Need for Speed, 6 Below, and Miracle on the Mountain, is in charge of Hidden Strike. The author is Arash Amel, who also wrote Rise, A Private War, and Erased. Jackie Chan, Joe Tam, Esmond Ren, and Hans Canosa are the ones who put it together.

Is There a Trailer for Hidden Strike?

Thanks to an official trailer from XYZ Films, “Hidden Strike” may have finally stopped being a myth.

When it comes out on May 30, 2023, the trailer gives us our first look at a project that’s been going on for years and tells us right away what to expect. “Hidden Strike” starts with a few details about the setting. The story takes place in the future, and oil is at the center of a major war.


Hidden Strike is an action-comedy movie about two ex-soldiers working together to rescue civilians on Baghdad’s Highway of Death. It is expected to debut in 2023 and is a hopeful model for successful Hollywood-China collaboration.

“Hidden Strike” follows a formula for movie team-ups, with Jackie Chan and John Cena playing the main characters and Pilou Asbaek, Minghau Hou, Amadeus Serafini, Li Ma, and Rachael Holoway in the cast.

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