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When Will Episode 1065 of One Piece Be Released? What Do We Anticipate From This Chapter?


The action in Episode 1064 of One Piece was nonstop. Kaido and Luffy got the bulk of the attention. The feud between these two characters has been going on for quite some time. Most viewers anticipated that Kaido would once again dominate Luffy, but Luffy surprised them all.

Luffy had honed his Busoshoku Haki to the point where he could inflict internal damage on an opponent before leaving for Onigashima. Luffy used Busoshoku Haki to injure Kaido at the outset of their rooftop battle. Over the course of the fight, Luffy figured out how to incorporate Haoshoku Haki into his techniques.

Luffy’s damage output skyrocketed after he began infusing his attacks with Haoshoku Haki, and even Kaido had to admit that Luffy was formidable. Kaido took up drinking in Episode 1064 of One Piece. It caught Luffy off guard that the Emperor would choose this moment to imbibe, and he let his guard down as a result. Luffy made an attempt to attack Kaido, but Kaido was able to easily avoid his attacks.

As Kaido lost control of his body, his actions became more difficult to anticipate. The Emperor insisted he was not intoxicated, but his statements belied his mental state. He went from sad to angry to crying over the loss of the castle. Kaido kept on attacking Luffy even after he had a few drinks.

One Piece Episode 1065 Release Date

The episode’s final moments centered on the Five Elders and their discussion of the Devil Fruit. They talked about how nobody had ever managed to unleash the Devil Fruit’s full potential. Just outside of Wano, Zunesha was briefly visible to viewers as the episode came to a close.

When Will One Piece Episode 1065 Be Released?

On June 11, 2023, Episode 1065 of One Piece will come out. “The Destruction of the Alliance?” is the name of the episode. Start the New Generation’s Will!” As the title suggests, if the three members of the Worst Generation want to beat the two Emperors, they will have to speed up.

What is the Storyline of One Piece Episode 1065?

Episode 1065 will feature the continuation of the battle between Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid against Big Mom. She had underestimated the two captains, but after they damaged her, she knew she couldn’t afford to ignore them. When Law and Kid let up on the gas, Big Mom will easily kill them.

Having both Kid and Law fully harness their Devil Fruit Awakenings would have made for a more even fight. Both Supernovas have been very open about their inability to fully master their abilities and the limited number of times they can use them. What matters is that Kid and the Law keep chipping away at Big Mom. If they don’t, they’re in big trouble.

Even though everyone famous is busy fighting, Kazenbo is still a major danger. Kanjuro’s conjured spirit is driven by rage and will not rest until it reaches the armory and destroys everything inside.

One Piece Episode 1065 Release Date

Fortunately, Yamato has been on the case, and he may have succeeded in putting a stop to it in the next episode. There has been no resolution to the battle between Raizo and Fukurokuju. The two ninjas stand for rival governments and intend to fight to the death. Episode 1065 has a chance of showing Raizo and Fukurokuju in action.

The secret that the World Government has been keeping about the mysterious Devil Fruit will almost certainly be exposed as well. The revelation could alter the plot in significant ways. It will be fascinating to learn Zunesha’s motivations for visiting Wano and hanging around the town’s main gate.

There may not be any major action sequences in the next episode, but the revelations about the Devil Fruit and Zunesha’s motivation should be enough to satisfy viewers.

Where to Watch One Piece Episode 1065?

Crunchyroll will stream the latest episode of One Piece, 1065, a few hours after it airs in Japan. We plan to sub this episode. Those who would rather watch the episodes with English dubbing will have to wait until Funimation makes them available.

Previous episodes are available to watch on Hulu. The English dub can be watched on streaming services like Crunchyroll and Hulu.


The feud between Kaido and Luffy was highlighted in Episode 1064, with Luffy using Busoshoku Haki to injure Kaido. Kaido took up drinking, and the Five Elders discussed the Devil Fruit.

On June 11, 2023, Episode 1065 will feature the continuation of the battle between Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid against Big Mom. Kid and Law must keep chipping away at Big Mom, while Kazenbo is still a major danger. Yamato may have succeeded in putting a stop to it, and Raizo and Fukurokuju will be exposed.

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