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When Will Season 7 of Outlander Be on Netflix? Is the Eighth Season of This Show Renewed?


Starz’s Outlander series may be the most well-known adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander historical fantasy novels. The series follows the adventures of Claire Randall, a British nurse from the twenty-first century, as she travels to the eighteenth century to meet the man of her dreams, Jamie Fraser. Having won multiple People’s Choice and Critics’ Choice Awards, the series has cemented its position as one of the best war dramas of all time.

Since its premiere in August 2014, the show has aired six successful seasons that adapt different books in the series. Outlander: Blood of My Blood, a prequel series focusing on Jamie Fraser’s parents Brian and Ellen Fraser, will premiere with ten episodes in 2022.

Amidst this, Outlander devotees are counting down the months until March 2021, when the show’s seventh season will premiere. Due to its length, the gap between Outlander’s fifth and sixth seasons was dubbed “Droughtlander” by the show’s devoted audience.

Fans had been immersing themselves in this Doughtlander for nearly a year by the time the Season 6 finale aired on May 1, 2022. The seventh season of the time-traveling historical drama will premiere soon, and an eighth is in the works. Learn the ins and outs of Outlander Season 7 right here.

When Will Season 7 of Outlander Premiere?

The sixth season of Outlander was based on the sixth book in the Outlander series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. The season aired from March to May 2022. At the end of the season, political tensions were getting worse.

outlander season 7 release date

Outlander’s seventh season is likely to be just like the first, with 16 episodes split into two parts. Fans can watch the new season on Starz starting June 16, 2023. New episodes come out every Friday at midnight Eastern Time on the Starz app. There is no set date for the second half of Season 7, but it is likely to come out in 2024.

When Will Season 7 of Outlander Be on Netflix?

Like with Season 6, Netflix will release new episodes of Outlander each week at the same time as Starz in countries like Belgium, France, India, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland, South Korea, and Singapore.

The new season will be available on Netflix a full calendar year after its initial airing on Starz in the Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and Sweden. So, they can set their sights on the month of June in 2024. outlander season 7 release date

The first five seasons of Outlander can now be seen on Netflix in the United States. Seasons of Outlander are typically available on Netflix in the United States two years after the final episode has originally aired on Starz. This suggests that the seventh season of Outlander will hit Netflix’s streaming service sometime in 2025.

What are the episode titles for the first half of Season 7 of Outlander?

Starz has announced the titles for the first eight episodes of Season 7:

Episode 1 – “A Life Well Lost”
Episode 2 – “The Happiest Place on Earth.”
Episode 3 – “Death Be Not Proud”
Episode 4 – “A Most Uncomfortable Woman”
Episode 5 – “Singapore.”
Episode 6 – “Where the Waters Meet.”
Episode 7 – “A Practical Guide for Time Travelers”
Episode 8 – “Turning Points.”

Who Will Cast Member in Season 7 of Outlander?

The cast of Outlander has a special place in the hearts of every fan because of how well they play complicated but beautiful characters. Claire and James “Jamie” Fraser, played by Caitrona Balfe and Sam Heughan, are the most important characters in the show.

Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie, who is played by Sophie Skelton, and Roger MacKenzie, who is played by Richard Rankin, are their daughter and son-in-law. For the seventh season, the same two people will be in charge.

Graham McTavish will play Dougal MacKenzie again. He is the younger Jacobite brother of Colum, the chief of the MacKenzie clan, and Jamie’s maternal uncle. Maria Doyle Kennedy will play Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron, the youngest sister of Ellen, Colum, and Dougal MacKenzie.

outlander season 7 release date

She is the youngest sister of Ellen, Colum, and Dougal MacKenzie. Laoghaire MacKenzie, the 16-year-old girl who likes Jamie and is played by Nell Hudson, is also going to be a big part of the next season. She will probably plot against Claire again.

She will be joined by Lauren Lyle, who plays her older daughter Marsali MacKimmie Fraser, and César Domboy, who plays her husband Fergus Claudel Fraser. Steven Cree will play Jamie’s childhood friend Ian Murray, and John Bell will play his youngest son Ian Fraser Murray. Lord John Grey, who is played by David Berry and is a strange new friend for Jamie, will also help him move forward on his journey.

The character Geillis Duncan, a.k.a. Gillian Edgars, who has been in the show since the first season, will also have a big part in the seventh season. Caitlin O’Ryan as Lizzie Wemyss, Chris Larkin as Richard Brown, Mark Lewis Jones as Tom Christie, Glen Gould as Chief Bird, and Simon R. Baker as Still Water are among the other characters who will be back.

In the next season, we’ll meet two new characters from the original book series. Joey Phillips will play Dr. Denzell Hunter in season seven, and Izzy Meikle-Small will play his sister Rachel Hunter. Quakers Denzell and Rachel live a quiet life in the country until Young Ian brings a sick and hurt William Ransom to their farm.

In Outlander season 7, Charles Vandervaart joined the cast as Jamie Fraser’s secret son, William Ransom. In the Outlander book series, these two characters first showed up in the 2009 book An Echo in the Bone.

What happens in Season 7 of Outlander?

In Season 6, Jamie’s enemy Tom Christie came back from the Ardsmuir prison and caused trouble on the Ridge. After one of Claire’s medical students, Malva Christie, was killed, Claire was thought to be the woman who did it. She was charged with the murder and brought to town to stand trial. Jamie is about to be sent away on a ship if Ian doesn’t save him, so they might go save Claire.

Season 7 will pick up where Season 6 left off, and fans will find out how Claire gets out of the trial and if Malva’s real killer is caught.

Has Outlander Been Renewed for an Eighth Season?

Every good story must come to an end, and STARZ has announced that while Outlander has been renewed for an eighth season, it will be the series’ last.

Young Ian’s actor, John Bell, said, “We’re going to go out with a bang and tell the story the way it should be told.”

Sam Heughan, who portrays Jamie Fraser, adds, “It’s been an incredible journey,” while Caitrona Balfe, who portrays Claire, says, “We hope we’ve done you proud.”
Outlander’s eighth season will consist of ten episodes.


Outlander is a successful adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels, with six successful seasons and an eighth in the works. Season 7 will premiere in March 2021, with 16 episodes split into two parts. Netflix will release Season 7 of Outlander in 2024, with the first eight episodes being released in 2025. Outlander’s eighth season will consist of ten episodes, with Joey Phillips and Izzy Meikle-Small playing Quakers Denzell and Rachel Hunter, and Charles Vandervaart joining the cast as Jamie Fraser’s secret son.

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