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What is the Release Date of K Drama My Perfect Stranger Season 2? And Learn About its Cast, Recap, Trailer, and More!!


Today’s article is about a romantic k drama series in which The most recent traveling back K-drama, My Perfect Stranger, incorporates mystery, crime, and romance into a fascinating concoction of inspirations. 

Yoon Hae-joon, a man who discovers a mysterious time travel vehicle and goes back to 1987, is at the center of this. As a result, he becomes involved in a case of serial killings, where his own life is at stake. Stay with us it would be an awesome time you going to spend here with me.

What Are the Expectations With My Perfect Stranger Season 2?

There hasn’t been a formal statement regarding the continuation of My Perfect Stranger for Season 2. The first season of the program has concluded. When a second season is confirmed or revealed, it is simpler to predict what might happen or to offer any expectations or spoilers.

My Perfect Stranger Season 2

Fans of My Perfect Stranger show must keep up with us in order to hear about upcoming events or new seasons. As there will be updates regarding season 2, I will be there for you.

When Will “My Perfect Stranger Season 2” be Renewed?

You must have seen many dates on many of our websites, but I will tell you the truth when season 2 is coming. So the truth is that there is no official date from the officials yet for My Perfect Stranger Season 2.

Like the production, it is not yet known whether the work of Season 2 has started, but considering the popularity of Season 1, the chances of My Perfect Stranger Season 2 coming are very high. Maybe by next year or by the end of this year, we may get to see season 2.

I will keep you updated as it happens.

What happened in the Last Episode of My Perfect Stranger Season 1? It Will Amaze You.

We go back to the crime scene at the beginning of My Perfect Stranger. In the end, a murder has taken place, and Hae-joon and Yoon-young rush outside to look into it in the drenched streets. The first to arrive is Beom-Yong, who grasps the black ring before falling to the ground.

Mi-sook is fine, though, and she recounts the entire episode, making a number of assertions that seem quite obvious, such as how one cannot change fate. Yoon-young discovers the matchbox at the crime scene, immediately next to Joo-young, with the well-known message, “A woman who reads is dangerous.

My Perfect Stranger Season 2

Hae-Joon is surprised and demands to know why Beom-Yong is called. Beom-Yong maintains that he and Joo-young crossed paths yesterday, but he’s more worried about the possibility of getting in trouble for speaking with a “commie” than he is about the murder itself.

The fact that they interacted, however, proves that Joo-yeong was in town the entire time and never departed. Hae-Joon is astonished, especially when the police show up on the scene and start their investigation.

In a startling change of events, Further along, the road, Hae-joon discovers another crime scene, the victim Kyung-ae, too? She also has the same matchbox on her, indicating that the timeframe has advanced far more quickly than anticipated. To be exact, there were two killings that night.

Yoon-young arrives shortly after, and she is naturally astonished to see him. Naturally, Soon-ae and the rest of the family are only now catching up, and it’s painful to see Kyung-ae’s father slowly come to terms with the fact that his daughter is dead and then needs police officers at the site to control him.

Mi-sook and Kim Hae-Kyung both exhibit suspicious behavior and have for some time. Mi-sook encourages her to calm down on the way to school because he thinks she’s acting strangely. Despite all of this, Baek is a superb detective and immediately realizes that both victims have matchboxes close to them.

A newcomer to the area notices Yeon-woo show up. This is Principal Yoon’s son, and as they enter the town, he joyfully welcomes his father. Although he claims to enjoy the name, he is a little afraid to meet Hae-joon.

My Perfect Stranger Season 2

Yeon-woo arrives at Hae-joon’s house and leaves the Rubik’s Cube he’s been playing with, making the claim that he likes smart people and attempting to speak with Yoon-young. 

Yoon-young thinks that everything will lead to her disappearing eventually, especially if Soon-ae and Hee-seob don’t get together now that her father has been detained.

However, Hae-Joon doesn’t think this is the case and promises her that he is more dedicated than ever to solving this. He then drops even another bombshell by telling her that he doesn’t believe Hee-seob is at fault and leaves.

Trailer of My Perfect Stranger Season 2

As far as we know, work has hardly started so there is no trailer for My Perfect Stranger Season 2. Till then you learn by watching previous Trailer and Fan Made Trailer, as soon as any new update comes, I will definitely update you know.

The Cast of My Perfect Stranger

My Perfect Stranger Season 2

  • Ki-joo Jin plays Baek Yoon-Yeong, 
  • Dong-Wook Kim asYoon Hae-joon.
  • Kim Jong-soo play Byeong-goo 
  • Lee Ji-hyun play Soon-ae.
  • Seo Ji-Hye will play Soon-ae
  • Baek Hee Seop Jung Shin Hye will play Chan Ah

Rating of My Perfect Stranger

My Drama List and IMDb have given My Perfect Stranger an 8.4/10 rating. The audience’s satisfaction with the performance as a whole is indicated by this rating. The program had a good rating, indicating that viewers thought it engaging and entertaining.

praising its actors, story, and overall excellence. Views and ratings are arbitrary. It’s crucial to remember that before passing judgment, one should see the contested show.

Where Can you watch My Perfect Stranger?

You can watch My Perfect Stranger on Netflix. It is worth it to watch. I personally recommend you.


In the end, it will be said that the way Kamal is getting twists and turns in Season 1 and the slow-blowing storyline will be seen in Season 2 of My Perfect Stranger as well. Now some episodes of season 1 are yet to come, but then somewhere the work of season 2 will start, so keep calm.

As soon as there is any update I will definitely inform you so visit us and read with us

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