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Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? Who is the Partner of Formula One Superstar?


Lewis Hamilton is the most successful British Formula One driver in history. He’s also been the subject of prominent rumors on the internet that he is gay. In this article, we’ll take a glance at the evidence that has led variously to believe that Hamilton is indeed gay.

Apparently, Hamilton is a 7th-time Formula One World Champion with a total of 103 victories to his account. In 2007, he began his winning journey with the Canadian Grand Prix. His most recent feat was taking first place in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix last year in 2021.

Currently, he is racing for Mercedes in Formula One. He was once the topic of attention for his relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, but with the end of that relationship, he has been quiet about whether or not he is dating anyone. So, what is the truth? Learn more about him in the next paragraphs.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton, his full name is Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton. He is a world-renowned Formula One British driver who has won multiple championships competing for Mercedes. He is also one of the most well-known faces in the sport. He was born on the 7th of January 1985 (age: 38 years) in Stevenage, United Kingdom.

Lewis is a huge Arsenal fan. He even has a tattoo commemorating the club. He has over 27.7 million Instagram followers, and his bio states that he lives a plant-based lifestyle and is living his purpose.

Lewis is well-known for his fashion sense, accessories, and preference for wearing trendy outfits. According to Lewis, he is outspoken and dares to criticize wrongdoing in the counties he visits as part of his racing obligations.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Lewis Hamilton is acknowledged for the international fame of Formula One racing, due to his global following which extends to a broader audience – even among those who don’t typically follow sports.

This could be a result of his extravagant lifestyle, environmental defense, social activism, and accomplishments in the music and fashion industries.

He is a popular and influential figure in the motorsports industry for his fight against racism and as a strong supporter of diversity.

The Times named Lewis Hamilton one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2020 because of his enormous contributions, widespread fame, and global following.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay?

Lewis Hamilton is one of the world’s greatest Formula One driver, and he has been the subject of much speculation about his personal life, with many wondering if he is gay.

While Hamilton has never openly addressed his sexuality, there have been several moments where Lewis openly supports LGBTQ people and frequently speaks on their behalf.

He also spoke out against some anti-LGBTQ organizations. People assumed he was a member of the gay community because of his support for them.

For instance, In December 2021, he harshly criticized Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Gay laws before his race in the capital of the country Jeddah. He termed these anti-LGBTQ+ laws terrifying.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Talking further about the matter he talked about his concerns about the lack of comfort in the country as a result of its orthodox environment. Wherever he goes for race events, he talks about the human rights issues over there in that country.

This has made people speculate that he might be gay because of his fashion sense and outspoken behavior and interest, but he has never confirmed or denied these rumors as to whether he is gay or straight.

But despite the fact that he supports homosexuals, his previous relationships do not support the notion that “he is gay.”

Whatever his sexuality may be, Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly one of the greatest Formula One driver of all time and will continue to be remembered as such.

Who Is Lewis Hamilton Dating?

Is Lewis Hamilton married? Since Lewis Hamilton is one of the most successful Formula One drivers in history, it’s no surprise that he has been linked to some high-profile women including Rihanna, Winnie Harlow, and Nicki Minaj.

Most recently, he was rumored to be dating pop superstar Rihanna. However, nothing has been confirmed and it’s unclear if they are still together.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay

Before that, Hamilton was in a long-term relationship with Nicole Scherzinger of The Pussycat Dolls, a singer and television personality. They dated on and off for several years before eventually breaking up for good in 2015.

Hamilton has also been linked to other celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rita Ora. He has, however, never confirmed any of these relationships.

So who is Lewis Hamilton dating? Only he knows for sure!

Lewis Hamilton’s Net Worth 2023

According to various sources, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be around $285 million. His wealth comes not just from his racing career but also from endorsements and business ventures.

Hamilton has been a brand ambassador for several companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, Monster Energy, and Puma, and has also launched his own fashion line and fragrance.

Additionally, Hamilton is known for his love of luxury cars and has an impressive car collection that includes multiple Ferraris, McLarens, and Mercedes-Benz models. He has also invested in several businesses, including a plant-based burger chain and a chain of high-end gyms.

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Last Lines

Although he is a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, there’s no indication that Lewis Hamilton is a part of the community.

Also, his not coming out to debunk these gay rumors doesn’t mean he is, in fact, gay. So until he publicly addresses the rumors surrounding his sexuality, there’s no reason to believe that Lewis Hamilton is gay.

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