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Are You Excited To Know About The Net Worth Of Famous YouTuber Missy Lanning?


Missy Lanning is an American social media personality. She was born on October 27, 1989, in California, America. She is popular because of her YouTube Channel, and she has millions of YouTube Subscribers.

The followers of Missy are curious to know about her Net worth. In this article we are going to tell you how rich Missy is, and her personal life. To know more interesting facts about Missy read this till the end.

Who Is Missy? Why Is She So Famous?

Missy is a successful YouTuber who grew up in California. Her father’s name is Jim Hollister and her mother’s is Suzanne Hollister. She is a Blogger; her official YouTube Channel is The Daily Bumps.

She and her husband, Bryan Lanning, became well-known by establishing many individual and joint social media accounts.

She and her husband struggled for two years to start a family and endured a miscarriage and a stillbirth before their baby was conceived. They started Daily Bumps at the end of 2012 after knowing Missy was pregnant.

missy lanning

Let’s read what kind of topics she covered in her blog. She shows a variety of subjects on her blog, “The Bumps Along the Way,” which includes parenthood, the phases of pregnancy, and daily vlogs.

Because Missy shares a trait with many people worldwide, her videos are so well-liked. She is one of the most successful Youtube.

Who Is Missy’s Husband? How Were They Met?

Bryan Lanning is Missy’s Husband, he was born in San Diego on January 20, 1990. Lanning and his sister Beverly had been raised by their mother as children and were unaware of their father. When they were young, the family relocated to Boise, Idaho, to live at his grandmother’s house.

Bryan’s mother married again, but his stepfather bullied him on a regular basis.

Before her 17th birthday, he and his stepfather got into an altercation while the older man was drunk. Ultimately, Bryan left his home that day.

On the other hand, Bryan met Missy before that incident and he knew that she is the love of his life.

By the age of 18, the couple bought their first home. They married on August 8, 2008, but their marriage was short-termed. The couple separated shortly.

missy lanning and bryan lanning

Despite their hard efforts, the couple ultimately got back together and remarried in Idaho. They relocated to California and lived with Bryan’s in-laws to save money.

As their financial situation improved, the couple made the decision to try for a baby, which was an even bigger step. Things happened quickly, and the couple became pregnant soon after.

They, unfortunately, miscarried a boy, their first kid. They tried again, miscarrying a second child—another son they called Gabriel—at 20 weeks.

Now they have two sons named Oliver and Finley. In September 2022, they welcomed their daughter named Brielle Louise. According to Missey’s social media account, Brielle was born on 9.28.22 at 1:09am.

Do You Know The Full Name Of Missy?

The YouTuber “Missy” Lanning full name is Melissa who is most known for the channel Daily Bumps that she co-owns with her husband. She also has a Missy Lanning channel on YouTube.

How Rich Missy Is?

Missy is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Various sources such as Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider, revealed that Missy Lanning’s net worth is around $5 million.

How Many Subscribers do Missy And Bryan have?

Here, you will get to know about the subscribers of their channel. On the “Daily Bumps,” Youtube channel of Missy and Bryan, around 5.11 million people follow them.

If we talk about Missy’s social media accounts. She remained active on her Instagram, where she updated her day-to-day activities. The username of her account is “missylanning,” she has a huge fan following on this platform too. She has around 527k followers on Instagram.

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To conclude, Missy Lanning is an internet personality and gained a huge fan following via her YouTube channel where she posted videos or blogs about daily life. Her net worth is in the millions. She is blessed with a beautiful family which includes her husband and kids.

Hopefully, you really find this article useful and informative. In addition, you are free to share your queries with us related to this article via the comment section. Thanks for visiting and reading.

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