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When We Expect A Spy Among Friends Season 2 Could Be Released?


A Spy Among Friends is a British Spy thriller television series which Is based on the book of a similar name, written by Ben Macintyre. The series is adapted by Alexander Cary and directed by Nick Murphy. The original language of the series is English.

The producers of the series are Chrissy Skinns and Damian Lewis. In this article, we are going to discuss the expected release date of A Spy Among Friends Season 2 and many more. So, keep reading this article till the end.

When We Expect The Second Season Of The Series A Spy Among Friends Could be Released?

The series was originally released on December 8, 2022, on ITVX, and MGM+.

A Spy Among Friends won’t return for a second season. The show’s writer and creator, Alexander Cary, has stated that the show was only intended to be a limited series. Since the majority of the book’s content has already been covered, a second season will not be coming.

A Spy Among Friends Season 2

There are no more seasons we can add because the book is nonfiction. One can suppose that the series’ directors, Cary and Nick Murphy, will adapt another espionage novel or create a new original tale in a similar style.

However, they both made it clear that there are currently no such plans. It is far too unlikely to occur for anyone to get enthused about it.

Thus, we can not expect it to be released soon until the next announcement. In the future, if anything is disclosed by the studio or creators about the series, we will update you.

How Many Episodes The Series A Spy Among Friends Season 2 Will Have?

In the first season of the series, it has 6 episodes only which were released in a single day on its original network. Therefore, we can expect at least 6 episodes in the next season of the series if it is released.

What Happened In The Released Season Of The Series A Spy Among Friends?

The leading character of the series is Nicholas Elliott, who is working for SIS as an intelligence officer in 1963. He finds out that Kim Philby (Pearce), a close friend and colleague, had been secretly operating as a double agent for the KGB and had defected to the Soviet Union.

What Could Happen In The Second Season Of The Series A Spy Among Friends?

In the previous season, the rat chase between the leading characters was going on till the end. Due to this, we can assume that it was not its conclusion. However, the next season is canceled by the creators so we cannot expect anything further.

Who Will Be The Part Of A Spy Among Friends Season 2?

As we read earlier, the series will not be renewed, so there is not any information about the cast if it will be released in the future. Here, you will get to know about the main and other characters of the series A Spy Among Friends.

A Spy Among Friends Season 2

  • Guy Pearce as Kim Philby
  • Damian Lewis as Nicholas Elliott
  • Anna Maxwell Martin as Lily Thomas
  • Adrian Edmondson as Sir Roger Hollis
  • Stephen Kunken as James Jesus Angleton
  • Nicholas Rowe as Sir Anthony Blunt
  • Monika Gossmann as Galina
  • Karel Roden as Col. Sergei Brontov
  • Anastasia Hille as Flora Solomon
  • Edward Baker-Duly as Ian Fleming
  • Radoslaw Kaim as Konstantin Dmitrievich Volkov

What Is the Rating of A Spy Among Friends Season 1 And Is It Worth Watching?

The series is rated by users on different platforms such as rotten tomatoes, IMDb, etc. On the prior site, the series average rating is 4.1 out of 5 and 7.3/10 on the latter.

As we read the rating of the series, if you really love to watch drama and action, as well as suspense, then it is a good one to watch.

You can find this series on a number of streaming platforms. The show is available on Amazon Prime Video and Fubo TV.

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When The Trailer Of The Series A Spy Among Friends Season 2 Would Be Released?

Once, the show was canceled for renewal, and now there is not any update or official statement about the renewal of the show.

Thus, there is not any possibility of a season 2’s trailer yet. You can watch the official trailer of the series on YouTube by searching for its name.


To conclude, A Spy Among Friends season 2 is not renewed yet. However, if any announcement is declared by the officials related to its release date, then we will update you.

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