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When Will Dagashi Kashi Season 3 Be Released?


Dagashi Kashi is an anime television series from Japan adapted by Studio Feels. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kotoyama. The Manga series started serialization on June 25, 2014, and concluded on April 11, 2018. It included a total of 11 volumes.

In this article, you will get to know about the release date of the upcoming season, as we already know the series released its two seasons in the last few years.

When Will Dagashi Kashi Season 3 Be Released?

The viewers of the popular series Dagashi Kashi are eagerly waiting for the release of its third season. Firstly, the anime series was released on  January 7, 2016, produced by Studio Feel, and directed by Shigehtio Takayanagi.

The next season of the series premiered in Japan from January 12, 2018, to March 30, 2018. The director of season 2 was changed, and it was directed by Satoshi Kuwahara. The anime was broadcasted on the Japanese television channel TBS.

Almost five years ended of Dagashi Kashi season 2, but the fans of the series constantly searching for its renewal. As the 60 chapters of the manga series are left, which would be released in season third as a final installment.

So, we can expect the upcoming season of Dagashi Kashi to be released at the end of 2023 or in 2024.

However, Dagashi Kashi season 3 has not been officially canceled. In the future, when we get any updates about the third season, we will update you. So, we must wait until the next announcement.

What Could Happen in Dagashi Kashi Season 3?

As of now, the plot of Dagashi Kashi is quite hard to assume. As you read earlier, the season may follow the 60 chapters in the next season which could be released at the end of this or in early 2024. The remaining chapters would be the least content for the season.

Dagashi Kashi Season 3

If season 3 of Dagashi Kashi is returned, its followers of it would expect a lot from it as the animated visuals will come with more fun, drama, and incredible effects.

What Is The Plot Of Dagashi Kashi?

Kokonotsu Shikada the main character of the series in season one, is an extraordinary boy. He wants to become renowned as a manga writer.

However, his father wants Kokonotsu to continue their family business in a candy shop. Kokonotsu breaks his father’s heart and refuses to proceed to work in a shop.

Over the nine generations, the Shikada family has owned a Dagashi shop that sells old-school candy at very reasonable prices.

Hotaru Shidare, a female young character in the anime approaches the father of Kokonostu named Yo to inherit her father’s well-known company as she wants to hire him. Because she wants her company to sell the best candy in the world.

Yo decides if his son Kokonotsu joins his business and manages it after him, then you would join her company. Thus, the anime continues to show us Hotaru’s numerous methods in order to convince Kokonostu to handle his father’s shop after him.

Dagashi Kashi Season 3

In the season, there are a number of characters introduced to make the anime more interesting and enjoyable, the other characters add new and different elements to the tale.

Let’s read what happened at the end of the last season of the show.  In the finale season, When Kokonotsu learns that his manga is comparable to those which are created by its competitors, we see his worst feeling.

Kokonostu and Hotaru, whom he believed he might never see again, are locked together at the train station. After spending a nice time together while reading Super Mario manga and eating instant noodles in the waiting area, they return to the shop.

On the other hand, the workers at the shop are overjoyed to see Kokonotsu back after being concerned that they wouldn’t be able to reach him.

Hotaru is overjoyed that her prediction of Kokonotsu’s fate came true when she referred to him as the manager. Just as Yo is leaving the hospital, she reveals that she now wants Kokonotsu to work for her own business.

A mystery man enters the shop as Kokonotsu struggles to make sense of what is going on around him. He is Hotaru’s brother named Beniyutaka Shidare, who is also interested in Kokonotsu.

How Many Episodes Will Be Released In Dagashi Kashi Season 3?

The series has a total24 of episodes in two seasons,  and each season had 12 episodes. As of the 60 chapters left for season 3, we can expect at least eight to ten episodes in the third season of Dagashi Kashi season 3. While it is yet to be disclosed by the officials.

Who Will Be Part of Dagashi Kashi Season 3’s Voice Cast?

The voice cast of the series is not disclosed. In the second season of the series two new characters were added named Hajimw Owari who voiced Chinatsu Akasaki, and Yutaka Beni voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. Thus, we can expect in the next season one or two new characters will be added for adding new turns and twists.

Let’s read about the main cast of the series Dagashi Kashi.

Dagashi Kashi Season 3

Hotaru Shidare: voiced by Ayana Taketatsu in Japanese and Tabitha Ray in English. A young girl who is extremely passionate about snacks and sweets, and her father owns a food company that wants to hire Yo in order to make and sell the world’s best candies.

Kokonotsu Shikada: voiced by Atsushi Abe in Japanese and Todd Haberkon in English. He is a son of Yo who owns a candy shop in a countryside town. He aspires to be a manga writer, but his father wants him to inherit the store of candies.

Saya Endo: Voiced by Manami Numakura in Japanese and Sara Ragsdale in English. She is a classmate and friend of Kokonotsu who runs a café.

To Endo: Voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki in Japanese and Justin Pate in English. He is the older twin brother of Saya and a good friend of Kokonotsu.

Yo Shikada: Voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese and Jeremy Inman in English. He is the father of Kokonotsu who is the present owner of the Shikada store. He desperately wants his son to handle his business further.

Hajime Owari: Voiced by Chinatsu Akasaki in Japanese and Caitlin Glass in English.

Where Can You Watch The Dagashi Kashi Series? And Is It Worth Watching?

The series Dagashi Kash a rated by a number of users of various websites. On IMDb, the average rating of the series is 6.1 out of 10. In addition, on Animemylist it scored 6.61 currently.

The show was originally released in Japan on TBS, SUN, and BS-TBS. Besides, viewers of the series across the globe can watch it via Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Dagashi Kashi Season 3

The series is worth watching if you really like to watch the comedy anime series. Moreover, if you are a foodaholic then you may love it as it is mainly focused on the aspect of sweet making and food.

As we discussed the rating of the show previously we considered a positive point to watch the series as its rating is not so bad.

Is Any Trailer of Dakashi Kashi Available?

The series Dakashi Kashi is a famous series that mainly focuses on the dreams of the young generation and their parents.

Moreover, it shows the friendship of youngsters as well. The official trailer of the released season is available on youtube. You can watch them on YouTube by entering the title in the search box.

Apart from this, the official trailer of Dakashi Kashi season 3 is not to be released.

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To conclude, Dakashi Kashi season is not canceled but the official announcement of its release is still pending. We can wait till the next update about the series’ latest season.

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