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Who Is Krystle Perez’s Husband and What He Spoke Up On The Incident?


The 38-year-old woman, Krystle Perez is accused of having extramarital affairs with a string of colleagues such as Married Sgt. Reynaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Lal and others.

Krystle Perez is currently being suspended from work for sending obscene texts to seven police officers, and she has finally spoken up about this situation.

According to People magazine and other sites, her husband apparently found the texts on Krystle Perez’s phone, which led to a thorough investigation.

The texts have been sent and received by Krystle, and the chat was with up to seven additional deputies, dispatchers, and other employees of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office in Texas. The texts made it clear that some of those might have had sexual relations.

To ascertain whether any of those actions took place while the workers were on the clock, to clear this, an investigation is still ongoing. However, steps have already been taken to punish some of the complicit parties.

According to the regional NBC affiliate NEWS4SA, Krystle, Sgt. Reynaldo Salinas and Deputy Juan Leal have been put on unpaid leave.

According to the investigation, “Their conduct apparently according to the investigation was found to be egregious enough to where we would issue those proposed terminations,” said Sheriff Javier Salazar.

Who Is Krystle Perez’s Husband and What He Spoke Up On This Incident?

Giancarlo Perez is the husband of Krystle Perez who told the outlet that he was “distraught.”

Giancarlo expressed his pain in words and said, “She was the love of my life, and it was distraught, heart-breaking, and I was in disbelief.

He also revealed about the type of text messages that Krystle had sent as he heavily explained, “They use emojis to reference body parts, they talk about kissing, making out, and these sexual connections.”

The texts were found by NEWS4SA and many of them were deemed it as an inappropriate text for publication due to their sexual content.

Who Is Krystle Perez's Husband

According to reports, Leal told Dispatcher Perez: “I can’t wait for us to be naked and us caressing and then kissing each other all over.”

Janson’s spouse, Jessica Jarvis revealed to the outlet that she is divorcing her disciplined husband, Jason. According to the outlet, a 30-day suspension was proposed for him.

Moreover, Jessica said, “”These are people that are supposed to be protecting us, serving and making sure the community is safe and instead they’re busy setting up affairs, they’re busy setting up appointments to basically have sexual relations.”

Reynaldo Salinas issued proposed termination notices; however, their appeal is still pending, and delaying the conclusion of this proposed dismissal.

The inquiry into the incident is still underway, too.

Do You Know Krystle Divorced Her Previous Husband?

Let’s read about the previous marriage of Krystle with Tackitt, a mother of three children since the end of her previous marriage. She married San Antonio police officer Todd Tackitt in 2012, Perez has been accused of numerous allegations of dishonesty in this marriage as well.

Tackitt stated in divorce papers that the petitioner [Perez] had engaged in cheating and their four-year marriage had become “unsupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities.”

According to sources, he discovered his then-wife’s text messages to her lover, just like Giancarlo did, and that’s how he found out about her affair too.

Who Is Krystle Perez's Husband

Tackitt, 38, who is still in conflict with Perez for custody of their two teenage children, declined to comment on her current situation.

Within a year of their divorce, Perez had remarried and welcomed a second child with Giancarlo before accepting a position as a night-time dispatcher at the $135 million-dollar Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, which has 1,900 employees.

However, their marriage fell apart late last year when business consultant Giancarlo allegedly found inappropriate texts to six sheriff’s deputies and a Converse police officer while looking in his wife’s phone.


To conclude, Krystle’s husband Giancarlo expressed his heart-breaking feelings, after revealing the affairs of his wife with seven men. It is unclear whether the messages were sent on duty or not. Investigation of this case is still going on.

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