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Yoon So-Hee: A Stellar Performance in Glory!


Yoon So-Hee’s plight in The Glory is the worst of all the victims of Yeon-Jin and the company’s relentless abuse.

The death of Yoon So-Hee is a significant plot point throughout The Glory, yet her life was also full of turmoil and anguish before she passed away.

When Yoon So Hee’s bullying led to her terrible death, Yeon-Jin, and her group moved on to Moon Dong-Eun.

Yoon So-Hee: The Glory character


Yoon So-Hee is a fellow student of Moon Dong from Eun’s the institution they both now attend. She was an intelligent and optimistic student, but a bunch of cruel outcasts destroyed her future and finally defeated her.

Park Yeon-Jin, the spoiled rich kid in charge of the gang, orchestrated their relentless harassment of her till he killed her. So-Hee stands her ground in the face of Yeon-Jin’s petty cruel behavior, ultimately resulting in her own death.

First, Yeon-Jin notices that So-Hee is donning a fake version of her outfit. Yeon-Jin, visibly irritated by such a little similarity, So-Hee begs to undress in front of her mocking companions so that she may remove the similar-looking item of clothes.

Yoon So-Hee: The Glory character

So-Hee approaches her again later on the school’s terrace, telling her straight to her face how frail and vulnerable she is when she isn’t among her pals.

Post-Mortem Mayhem

Yeon-Jin is never accused of killing So-Hee because of her mother’s riches and the connections it gives her with individuals in law enforcement; So-Hee’s death is considered a suicide and all evidence gathered from the crime scene is never questioned.

Her mother is deaf and dumb, so she is unable to communicate with the medical personnel, but she insists that her daughter’s body not be sent to the mortuary as soon as it arrives at Seoul Joo General Hospital.

Considering that Yeo Jeong’s case has still to be determined and that her mother badly wants to give her a dignified burial, the former hospital director and Yeo- Jeong’s father make the selfless decision to take the body to the freezer.

For years, Detective Shin and Yeon-Jin had no idea this is the case, but upon attempting to remove the body from the hospital’s freezer, they learn the truth. The Yeo-Jeong’s mother, however, has decided to resist the police and refuse to turn up the body.

Posthumous Justice

Over twenty years after her passing, Moon Dong-Eun exacts vengeance on So-Hee. She devises a cunning scheme to get back at Yeon-Jin and her pals.

She learns that in completing her task, she is also avenging the victim of abuse who came before her. The bullies that made life miserable for Moon Dong-Eun and her friend So-Hee are eliminated one by one.

At the end of The Glory, thanks to all the evidence Moon Dong-Eun retrieves from the crime site and gives to the police, Yeon-Jin is eventually caught for the murder of Myeong-O and So-Hee, bringing closure to the story of vengeance that he had begun for Yoon So-Hee.

Yoon So Hee’s Character

Yoon So Hee is a South Korean actress born on May 7, 1993. She started her career in the entertainment industry as a model before making her acting debut in 2013. Here are some details about her:

Yoon So-Hee: The Glory character

  • Personality: Yoon So Hee is known for her charming and cheerful personality, and she is often described as a friendly and approachable person. She has a positive attitude and is known for her hard work and dedication to her craft.
  • Acting Career: Yoon So Hee has appeared in various television dramas and films throughout her career. Some of her notable roles include Han Yeo Reum in the drama “Marriage, Not Dating,” Yoon Myung Joo in the drama “Descendants of the Sun,” and Hong Ra On in the drama “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.”
  • Appearance: Yoon So Hee is known for her striking beauty and elegant appearance. She is 5’6″ (167cm) tall and has a slender build with long brown hair and brown eyes.
  • Education: Yoon So Hee graduated from Dongduk Women’s University with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment.
  • Hobbies and Interests: Yoon So Hee enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and traveling. She is also an avid reader and enjoys reading books on various topics.
  • Awards and Recognition: Yoon So Hee has received several nominations and awards for her performances, including the Best New Actress award at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards and the Excellence Award at the 2016 KBS Drama Awards. She has also been named one of the most promising actresses in South Korea.
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