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Blue Lock Chapter 214 Release Date and Time, Countdown Starts!


Blue Lock is a Japanese manga sports and thriller series which is written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura. The series was initially released in 2018. The series gained huge popularity within a few months of release. Now the series will release its 214 chapters soon.

In this article you will get to know when the latest chapter of the series will be released, also includes a recap of the previous chapter of the series and many more. To know more interesting facts about upcoming chapters read an article till the end.

When Is Blue Lock Chapter 214 Going To Be Released?

As we know, the Japanese manga series was released on August 1, 2018. The expected release date of the series 214 chapter is April 12, 2023. Finally, chapter 214 have been released in April.

As the previous chapters of the manga series were released recently. The 211 chapter was released on March 22, 2023, and the next chapter was released one week ago. The last chapter of the manga series was released on April 2, 2023.

What Could Happen In Blue Lock Chapter 214?

One of the first weeks has passed in which the most recent chapter’s plot details have not been made available to the public. The final chapter was nevertheless brief enough to introduce the newest title. “Work” is the subtitle of Blue Lock Chapter 214. 

Only a select few players are capable of executing such a strategy. Other players are also taking use of a lot of things in their favor. Isagi will begin the newest chapter by attempting to strengthen his left leg.

He already has a lot of experience using his stronger leg to score goals. However, if he is successful this time, it will be a high point in his professional life at this moment.

Blue Lock Chapter 214 Release Date

Let’s read what happened in the previous Chapter 213, The title of Chapter 213 of Blue Lock was “E-4 Egoist Four.” Isagi eventually broke his winning streak as the chapter started.

Everyone in the audience was hoping that this man would succeed. Later, Ness observes Isagi preparing to strike with his left leg. Furthermore, he was unsure about the boy’s plan for executing the action.

In a later episode, it appears that Kunigami was engaging in a completely different practice strategy. The program was designed specifically to strengthen his legs so that he could shoot a goal at any point in time or from any perspective.

It was revealed in the chapter’s last act that Isagi was prepared to use this left leg as a supplementary weapon in the upcoming scenarios. 

Where Can You Read Blue Lock Chapter 214?

Are you searching the platform in order to read the manga series upcoming chapter?? Here, you will get to know the platform where you can read Chapter 214, on Kodansha. Moreover, you can read the previous chapters of the series on its official website Blue Lock.

Moreover, the Blue Lock manga series began serializing in August 2018. In 2022, Netflix has pledged to create an anime-based television series. 

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To conclude, chapter 214 is going to release soon, as the expected release date of the next chapter is mentioned in this article.

I hope you like to read this article and find reliable information. If you have any queries then you can share them with us via the comment section. For more updates, you can bookmark our website. Thanks for visiting and reading.

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