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Is YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth Pregnant?


Lauren Elizabeth, a social media influencer disclosed her pregnancy on April 3, 2023, on her official YouTube channel named Lauren Elizabeth.

When Lauren Elizabeth announced her pregnancy, her followers became curious to know about her current boyfriend named Matthew Torvik also known as Matt Torvik. Matt is working as an account executive at Pando in Chicago, according to her LinkedIn profile.

He has done high school diploma from John Hersey High School. And earned a degree from Indiana University Bloomington with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Sports Marketing, and Management.

Lauren Announced the Gender of Her Baby on social media:

She posted a video on her social account, Instagram in which she depicted her sonography, a short clip of her little baby bump.

To add on, she also told the gender of her baby in the caption, and wrote, “Been keeping a little secret all year We are so excited for our baby girl. This September First trimester vlog is on my YouTube .”

Let’s explore what she revealed in her blog titled, Surprise, I’m Pregnant! First Trimester Vlog which is about 10 minutes. At the beginning of the video, she posted a picture of a day when the HCG test came positive on January 4th, 2023.

Is YouTuber Lauren Elizabeth Pregnant

After that, she shared the reactions of her near and dear ones, who looked really happy and shocked by this sudden news.

After that, she shared what she felt when she got to know about her pregnancy, and she spoke up on her body changes after pregnancy, “I feel like really weird at first and then I feel excited and then I feel overwhelmed because there are just a lot of moving parts but it’s normal and it’s like I work out and I just still am like bloated obviously like I look fine but I know my body and like usually I can like to suck in a lot and it’s just like always like self-loaded and my boobs are ginormous.”

She also disclosed that there is so much that is going on, but she cannot post about it. Lauren shared a video clip of another day, saying that she is acting like everything is normal, but in actuality, she feels so Nauseous.

Lauren gets emotional in the next clip when she tells her fans that she hears the baby’s heartbeat, “I tell you guys the news or share it or whatever it isn’t just like the top of mind for me. I’ll be 10 weeks in like a day.

I got to hear the baby’s heartbeat last week, and seeing it on the screen, made it feel a lot more real. I feel like I’m just extra emotional today and like not in a bad way.

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I’m like getting excited about everything, I’m just like really excited to like not have to keep everything a secret anymore because I think that part of why it’s so hard is not because I’m like keeping it private keeping it to myself is just like all the anxiety around like what everyone’s gonna say about me when everyone’s gonna think and it’s not even like on the internet.

Really, it’s like actual people in real life that I’m going concerned about my mom has been amazing when you’re physically sick it’s so hard on your mental help so like I just guess.

I just didn’t realize how hard it’s been like for me mentally really hard to take care of my mental health when my physical health is struggling obviously but it also just like makes it gets amplifies everything It makes you feel so much worse about yourself.”

Furthermore, she merged many clips in her blog, you can watch it on her official youtube channel to know each clip.

To conclude, Lauren Elizabeth gives out the news of her pregnancy on social accounts. I hope you like this article. Thanks for visiting and reading.

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